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Published May 31, 2023

Coming This Fall: 'Hawkeye: Bishop Takes King'

New York Times bestselling author Ashley Poston shows Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye still figuring out how to be a Super Hero

The adventures of Kate Bishop continue in the highly anticipated novel from New York Times bestselling author Ashley Poston, 'Hawkeye: Bishop Takes King'  Last week, Ashley Poston revealed the cover to the novel, featuring art by Nicole Rifkin, and hits stores on October 3, 2023 wherever books are sold. You can see Ashley's post here and see the full cover below

In the pages of this YA Novel, Kate Bishop's Hawkeye is still figuring out how to be a Super Hero—and a functioning human being while on a thrilling, mystery adventure that has her crossing paths with some of the Marvel Universe's greatest heroes—and most dangerous villains.

When Kate Bishop, the young Hawkeye, solves a minor crime and saves the surprisingly cute Milo in the process, she counts it as a rare win. But a mix-up of their bags means that nope, Kate's life is still refusing to run smoothly. In that bag is a mysterious book that holds powerful, dangerous secrets—ones that New York City's most powerful super villain, the Kingpin, would kill to uncover. Kate finds herself on the run, searching for Milo and what he knows, texting her Super Hero besties for moral support, and trying to solve the mystery she's blundered into before she becomes the victim of her own story.

Just like its main character, Kate Bishop, Ashley Poston's Super Hero adventure doesn't miss a single shot in one of the funniest, twistiest Marvel stories ever told. Hawkeye: Bishop Takes King ties into Women of Marvel in that this series of books was inspired by the Women of Marvel, with each novel focusing on a different female character while also each novel is written by a woman.

Hawkeye: Bishop Takes King

Hawkeye: Bishop Takes King comes out October 3, 2023 and is available for pre-order today from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and wherever books are sold.


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