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Published July 1, 2020

Earn Points for Marvel Insider This Week with Marvel's Voices

Join Marvel Insider today to earn points and redeem for exclusive rewards available from July 1!

Listen up, Marvel Insiders...Marvel's Voices is here! And we're offering you a chance to read this inaugural issue for FREE on Marvel Unlimited. Not only that, you'll be able to earn Marvel Insider points as well! 

Want to make the most of your Summer Reading? The Marvel Insider program is a way for you to earn Insider points while keeping up with the latest news on And to make sure you get all the perks of your Marvel Insider membership, each week we're rounding up our picks for Comic of the Week and featured rewards.

Make sure you are signed in on before you start any Marvel Insider Activity, and don't forget to redeem for your exclusive rewards! Now let's get to it!


Read Marvel's Voices (2020) #1
EARN: +1,000 Insider Points

Activity available until July 6, 2020.

THE WORLD OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW! Marvel’s acclaimed podcast series focusing on telling the stories of diverse creators and their unique perspectives becomes a one shot of brand new adventures! The X-Men find their place in the world after declaring a new nation! Killmonger strikes! Moon Girl and Devil Dino return!

Don't miss this special issue of MARVEL'S VOICES (2020) #1, available to read for free on Marvel Unlimited!

Marvel Insider MARVEL'S VOICES (2020) #1


Read Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of Our Fathers (2010) #1-4
EARN: +1,500 Insider Points

Activity available until July 6, 2020.

For the first time ever, see the full story of the first meeting of Captain America and the Black Panther! It's a World War Two adventure featuring a young Steve Rogers, the Black Panther and Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos in combat with the nastiest Nazi villains in the Marvel Universe!

Find out what happens in CAPTAIN AMERICA/BLACK PANTHER: FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS (2020) #1-4, available to read for free on Marvel Unlimited!

Marvel Insider CAPTAIN AMERICA/BLACK PANTHER (2010) #1-4


EARN: +1,000 Insider Points by purchasing from the Marvel Comics App

Activity available until July 29, 2020.

Bullseye wants to hurt Clint in any way he can, so he’s playing dress-up and taking the archer’s (not-so) good name on a deadly tour of New York. Meanwhile, the Hood has had enough of Clint’s games and decides to put an end to them once and for all. He puts a price on Clint’s head so high that every villain, merc and thug in the city is going to line up to take a shot. With everything falling apart, Clint will be forced to make some choices he can’t take back. Will he find a way to get through this with clean hands, or will he be forced to return to his criminal ways?

Marvel Insider HAWKEYE: FREEFALL (2020) #6


Take the Survey on Marvel Insider
EARN: +500 Insider Points

Activity available until July 31, 2020.

It's a Marvel BBQ! You've been invited to the biggest Super Hero bash of the summer, but with great grilling comes great responsibility. Who would you ask to grill you a burger? Crystal, Pyro, Human Torch, Phoenix, Hellfire, or Ghost Rider? We know they all bring the heat, but can they bring the flavor?!

Marvel Insider Survey Which Marvel Character would you want to grill you a burger?


Compete in Marvel Contest of Champions Missing Links
EARN: +10,000 Insider Points (Beginner Level)
EARN: +30,000 Insider Points (Normal Level)
EARN: +50,000 Insider Points (Heroic Level)

Activity available until August 5, 2020.

Gamers of all levels, you've been summoned! Marvel Contest of Champions revealed their latest contest, Missing Links, available until 8/5/20. Head over to Marvel Insider to choose your level (Beginner, Normal, Heroic) and start earning those points! All levels are free to play.

Marvel Insider Marvel Contest of Champions Missing Links Tournament Beginner Normal Heroic Levels Play Free


Every challenge has its rewards, and playing Marvel Contest of Champions this month can help you earn enough Insider points for some exclusive bundles! 

Redeem for: 30,000 points

Available until August 16, 2020.

First off, pick up this Missing Links Starter Bundle, which comes with 1x Frozen North Crystal, 1x Stony Mastery Core, 500 3-Star Hero Shards, 1x Lesser Attack Boost, 5x Small Energy Refill, and 5,000x Gold!

Marvel Insider Marvel Contest of Champions Missing Links Tournament Starter Bundle

Redeem for: 125,000 points

Available until August 16, 2020.

If you're ready to unleash your true powers, be sure to redeem for the Marvel Contest of Champions Sasquatch Bundle! The bundle includes: 1x 3-Star Sasquatch, 1x Ultimate Frozen North Crystal, 500x 4-Star Hero Shards, 1x Attack Boost, 3x Energy Refill, and 5x Greater Golden Crystal!

Marvel Insider Marvel Contest of Champions Missing Links Tournament Sasquatch Bundle

EMPYRE Digital Wallpaper
Redeem for: 3,000 points

Ready to dive into the world of EMPYRE? Make this exciting series come to life! Pick up your EMPYRE digital wallpaper by signing into your Marvel Insider account. Just click on your Rewards, then take your pick from an array of Marvel digital wallpapers to adorn your computer or phone. You're eligible for these rewards when you earn enough Marvel Insider points, so don't wait any longer to sign up and start earning points!

Marvel Insider Rewards Empyre Digital Wallpaper

X-Men: Alpha #1 Digital Comic
Redeem for: 7,500 points

Did we mention you can also redeem for digital comics too? X-Men fans, your X-MEN: ALPHA (1995) #1 Digital Comic awaits! Remember, you just need to sign into your Marvel Insider account to start earning Marvel Insider points! Then head to your Rewards and redeem for your comic!

Marvel Insider Rewards X-Men Digital Wallpaper

Games, Comics, exciting new voices coming from Marvel...we've got it all this month! But we're only just getting started! Keep checking back in July for more exciting Marvel Insider activities as they become available.

Your Marvel Insider account is the best way to keep track of your Insider points and redeem for special limited-time offers. Don't forget to check back next week for another round of challenges and rewards, filled with exclusive Marvel bonuses!

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