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Published October 4, 2022

Experience the Magic of Marvel Oracle Deck Available Now

Read an exclusive Q&A with the Magic of Marvel Oracle Deck writer Casey Gilly!

Experience the Magic of Marvel Oracle Deck Available Now

Infuse a little magic into each day with the new Magic of Marvel Oracle Deck! Written by Casey Gilly, and illustrated by Sol Devia, this unique take on the traditional oracle deck features Marvel favorites such as the Incredible Hulk, Loki, Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch and more!

Featuring 44 cards with gorgeous original illustrations based on classical oracle iconography, the cards also come with a decorative box and booklet featuring never-before-seen Marvel-themed art. The guidebook is the perfect introduction to the meanings of each card and provides explanations for how to do easy readings.

The Magic of Marvel Oracle Deck is available now for tarot and Marvel lovers everywhere! 


Read on for an exclusive Q&A with the Magic of Marvel Oracle Deck writer Casey Gilly!


With the vast number of characters in the Marvel Universe, it must have been difficult to select 44 for the deck. What was your process for choosing characters?

The characters selected were based on a few things: relevancy to the cards, relatability to even the most casual of Marvel fans, and characters I felt would translate well to Sol Devia's style. I wanted this deck to be very approachable for all skill sets and all levels of fandom with no in-depth character knowledge required. I believe in both tarot and comics being welcoming places, so I wanted there to be a sense of that with this deck.

Magic of Marvel Oracle Deck Black Panther Card

What are some of your favorite cards and why?

I adore the Deadpool card because of the messaging: no matter how bad things are, you're going to bounce back. The humor tickles me and finding levity even in a tough tarot reading is so important, so I made a point to infuse some of the cards with that reminder. Another favorite is Ms. MarvelSol's take on her is just gorgeous and the card speaks to a sense of renewed faith and purpose, which always feels meaningful to me. 

How did the idea for a Marvel oracle deck come up?

Like Marvel heroes (or villains!) willing to put it all on the line for their cause, Insight Editions is eager to push boundaries and try fresh formats and pairings, which in this case was the opportunity to create an oracle deck that engages fans to interact with Marvel characters in new ways. The stunning art and welcoming instruction booklet make it accessible for tarot and oracle fans of every experience level. 

Magic of Marvel Oracle Deck Doctor Strange Card

How did you become interested in tarot? 

I received my first tarot deck as a gift for Christmas when I was thirteen. One of my aunts was a very witchy woman—tarot cards, runes, palm reading, all of it. I felt very connected to those tools and even though I didn't really understand the meaning of most of the cards, I began doing readings and studying different tarot books. I'm 41, so this was VERY pre-internet and I spent a lot of time in the tiny divination/occult section of my local library.

As I got older, I started to see so many positive changes in tarot interpretations—pulling cards away from being more masculine or feminine, using better gender-inclusive language, cards featuring people of color, and expanding the card's definitions to feel less rigid. I I found a real community in tarot and am now so thrilled to be writing decks. I hope thirteen-year-old me is proud (even if she'd also likely be horrified that I don't dress cool anymore.) 

Magic of Marvel Oracle Deck Scarlet Witch Card

What if you are new to readings? How can you learn to use the deck?

If you're new to tarot, welcome! The most important thing about any tarot deck is your own intuition. The cards are designed to be visually evocative of what they represent, so let your instincts guide you as you review them. There is an instruction booklet with the deck that offers tips and sample readings, but truly—let yourself explore the process! The best way to learn any tarot deck is by practicing, getting to know the cards, and keeping notes of your progress. You'll notice different themes.

For example, in Rider-Waite style decks, I always tend to pull a lot of Swords in my personal readings. The Suit of Swords focuses on our ambitions, logic, conflict, and our thoughts—which makes perfect sense since most of my problems are based on anxiety and workload! So as you're learning, keep track of what you see, how you feel, how the guidance worked out. You'll learn a lot about yourself and how your specific deck is most useful. 

Magic of Marvel Oracle Deck Spider-Man Card

For those who are experienced with oracle decks, what can they look forward to in the Magic of Marvel Oracle Deck?

I think both experienced folks and newcomers can look forward to a very clear, articulate deck that addresses common human experiences. Because of Marvel's lineup of expertly crafted characters, it's easy to connect their experiences with ours. Tarot and comics are both powerful storytelling tools and I hope folks can find inspiration that makes a positive impact on their outlook. As a comic book writer, I'm also constantly hoping that seeing comics characters in different mediums can encourage new readers to pick up a comic, so if you see a character you really connect with in this deck, check out some of their books!


The Magic of Marvel Oracle Deck is available for purchase on October 4th, 2022!

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