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Published January 12, 2021

'Gamora & Nebula: Sisters in Arms' Prose Novel Explores Rivalry and Loyalty

Author Mackenzi Lee tackles Marvel Universe's most infamous sisters in second book in her hit series this June!

New York Times best-selling author Mackenzi Lee returns with the second young adult novel in her hit series exploring the untapped potential and duality of heroism within the Marvel Universe for Marvel Press.

In Gamora & Nebula: Sisters in Armsavailable everywhere books are sold on June 1, Lee navigates the volatile-as-ever relationship between Thanos' teenage adopted sisters Gamora and Nebula. When they end up on a deteriorating planet being mined for its valuable resources, the two sisters are faced with a series of events that force them to explore the source of their rivalry-and where their loyalty truly lies. This action-packed yet sincere story will tug on the heartstrings of anyone who has ever had to learn how deeply weird and changeable trust can be. Gamora & Nebula: Sisters in Arms follows the first book in the series, Loki: Where Mischief Lies, which was an instant New York Times best-seller.

Get a peek at the Gamora & Nebula: Sisters in Arms cover, illustrated by Jenny Frison, below, thanks to our friends over at Disney Publishing/Marvel Press!

Gamora & Nebula: Sisters in Arms 

“In Sisters in Arms, you'll get to see Gamora and Nebula as teenagers—one zealously devoted to Thanos and the other doubting where her loyalties lie—dropped onto a planet inspired by the old west, strip-mined to its bones, and governed by both a tyrannical corporation and a cultish church," said Lee to "It's a book about sisterhood and trust, and the ways we can uniquely hurt the people closest to us—to me, that's the core of my favorite Marvel narratives about the galaxy's deadliest siblings. Sisters in Arms is the most fun I've ever had writing a book, and I loved getting to pal around with these two badass, emotionally-bankrupt, morally-confused, desperately-in-need-of-therapy (and possibly a hug) daughters of Thanos. I hope you all love them as much as I do.”

Gamora arrives on Torndune—a once-lush planet that has been strip-mined for the power source beneath its surface—with a mission: collect the heart of the planet. She doesn't know who sent her, why they want it, or even what the heart of a planet looks like. But as the daughter of Thanos, the right hand of her father, and one of the galaxy's most legendary warriors, her job is not to ask questions. Her job is to do what she's told, no matter the cost. 
What she doesn't know is that her sister Nebula is in hot pursuit. Nebula has followed Gamora to Torndune in hopes of claiming the planet's heart first and shaming her sister as vengeance for the part she played in Nebula losing her arm. While Gamora falls in with a group of miners attempting to overthrow the tyrannical mining corporation that controls their lives, Nebula allies herself with the Universal Church of Truth, whose missionaries wait on every street corner to recruit more followers and tithes for the Matriarch. Both sisters hope their alliance will give them access to one of the massive diggers capable of drilling to the center of the planet. 
But they closer they get to the heart of the planet—and to each other—the closer they get to uncovering the truth of what brought them there and the role they may unknowingly be playing in a twisted competition with galactic consequences. A competition they can never win . . . unless they learn to trust each other. 
And trust is the biggest lie in the galaxy. 

Gamora & Nebula: Sisters in Arms will be available in trade paperback and ebook formats, available at bookshops and online retailers on June 1, 2021. Pre-order now!


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