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Published May 26, 2022

‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind’: Explore the Four New Rocking Merchandise Collections

Welcome to the Treasures of Xandar!

cosmic rewind

No visit to the Other-Worldly Pavilion of the Wonders of Xandar is complete without a trip through the gift shop — the Treasures of Xandar! After you save the galaxy (...again) with the Guardians of the Galaxy on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind at EPCOT at the Walt Disney World Resort, why not pick up some items to commemorate the event?

Located around the corner from the attraction’s exit, the Treasures of Xandar is actually propertied by The Broker, from Guardians of the Galaxy. Well, now he’s branched out and taken his own treasures and collection to sunny Orlando, Florida, welcoming guests to pick up one of many different items available.

Reflecting on the theme and fun of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Tracie Alt, Senior Brand Manager, explains that the idea for the expansive new collection came from “[working] with Walt Disney Imagineering and the franchise partners during the inception of the attraction to identify the story [beats],” and figure out how to make those something tangible that visitors can take home with it. “It's really the extension of the attraction, and bringing to life that expanded storytelling.”

With four different brand new collections debuting — The Heroes of Xandar, Honorary Guardians, Groot Through the Years, and Through the Eyes of Quill — here’s everything you need to know (and add to a shopping cart) from Cosmic Rewind!



The Guardians are the heroes of this story because they save the planet, duh, but in the eyes of their fans, they could also be celebrity rock stars. (The Guardians do love music, after all!) The inspiration for the Heroes of Xandar line came from this idea, putting the Guardians on their own kind of concert “galaxy tour,” celebrating their victories and rock n’ roll.

With this in mind, the Guardians obviously need “a concert tee,” Alt explains. “We go back to that classic concert vibe. We worked with our franchise partners to identify the locations that the Guardians have visited, so on the back of the shirt, all the classic concert-style is a listing of all the places.”



After helping the Guardians of the Galaxy save the planet (and galaxy), guess what? You’re now an honorary guardian too — Star-Lord said it himself. If you want to wear that badge of honor on your sleeve, the Honorary Guardians items are for you. Alt knows, that visitors “really want to be able to take that home with them.”

Pulling inspiration from the Guardians of the Galaxy films, the collection features “Star-Lord, Gamora… If you look at things from their actual costumes, we brought those to life in different ways within the product itself, really kind of that extension of theater into your home.”

“It was really important for us to have authentic storytelling within this space,” Alt continues. “When it comes to things like [Star-Lord’s] iconic jacket, we wanted to make it very wearable for guests. We really worked at a lot about getting the right weight of the material we're using, and then we actually weathered it. It's not something typically done with this kind of fabrication, but we were able to work with it and find the right one. Then getting this detailing as much as we could throughout in the jacket, even sort of the inside plaque, it opens up. You still have the detailing there. So, we really work with our franchise partners to bring these details to life.”

The same thing goes for Gamora’s vest — and sword. “The front is authentic, but then we also extend it even to the back of the seam of the details, really make sure that we got it authentic to what she wears in the film. I've seen a lot of people coming through really gravitating towards that sword as well. So, I can't wait to see what guests think.”

The only catch is that Gamora’s vest is only for little heroes. “When I saw it come out in an actual final, I was like, ‘Oh! I'm like, can I get one in my size?’” Alt laughs.



It’s time for a celebration of everyone’s favorite sentient tree!

Spanning “From baby Groot all the way up to adult,” the Groot Through the Years collection includes a scented plush (that smells like cedar and cinnamon!) in addition to a dancing Groot light-up bubble blower that’s “going to be like a dance party.”

In the Guardians films, Alt explains Groot “actually has that reference of the cinnamon and cedar and we have the ability to do that, so why not? This is perfect. He's cute, he's cuddly, and he smells really good actually.” Creating something scented like this gives Alt and her team the opportunity to bring a different kind of item to life, continuing, “We look at it in different ways like, hey, we're fans, but what would we like to see?”

There are also small toys for Rocket and Groot where their eyes pop out of their heads — just like the two of them going through jump points in real life.

“This is really the craziness of it. We have a few other items that say that to the stories, like all asymmetrical as you're going through and how everything comes a little distorted and out of whack. That's what these are for.”



If you’re looking for a collection that’s a “perfect blending of 80s EPCOT nostalgia and The Guardians” the Through the Eyes of Quill items are for you.

As Alt explains, Peter Quill actually “came and visited EPCOT in the 1980s as a child, so these are all the things that he's going to remember.” The team went back and actually looked at items from EPCOT in the 80s, and pulled inspiration from that to create what’s available now.

“We have the silhouettes that you're going remember from the 80s — some items are going to be classic or iconic, you're going to understand right where they came from. We have a mug, which is actually the mug silhouette featuring Figment that [was available] when [Journey into Imagination] opened, so it's the same silhouette there.”

Using retro designs, reminiscent of the Epcot of yesteryear, the team took 80s designs and “melded it with the Guardians. It's kind of that perfect blending of the nostalgia there.” In addition, there’s a color changing mug which when hot “reveals the Quill family trip from 1987, so this will be what Epcot look like in that time frame when he was here with his family.”

There’s also a design honoring all the “ships” of Epcot, including the two from Guardians and Spaceship Earth, and retro fannypacks and ringer tees.

This collection “isn’t through the lens of what you might see in Guardians in film, but it was more like what Peter Quill when he was on Earth would have remembered. It’s kind of a little deep extension of that storytelling…there is a reason for it to be on the floor and there's a story that goes behind the ties it back into the attraction or the film.”

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is a brand new, family-thrill coaster developed by Walt Disney Imagineers just for this attraction. It’s an Omnicoaster that will amaze guests as it rotates 360 degrees throughout the attraction so the focus is always on the action, and additionally will feature a reverse launch on a coaster, never before seen in Disney Parks. It is also one of the longest enclosed coasters in the world, which means it lives up to and matches the enormous scale of adventures of the Guardians of the Galaxy films!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind opens May 27th at EPCOT at the Walt Disney World Resort.


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