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Published May 28, 2020

Celebrate Hamburger Day With Marvel-Inspired Burgers From the Disney Parks

They all look worthy enough to eat.

In case you don’t have it marked in big lettering on your calendar, today is International Hamburger Day! That means we’re taking a quick (virtual) trip around the world to check out some of the Avengers-inspired burgers you can find at the Disney Parks for our latest #DisneyMagicMoments adventure! Depending on who’s your favorite Super Hero — and just how hungry you are — there’s a burger for everyone. 

Our first stop is Shanghai Disneyland Resort, where you can find not one but three different Avengers burgers. The Avengers Wagyu Beef burger with an all-red bun certainly looks as if it could formulate a plan to save the day, it would. 


If you just want a regular saving-the-day burger, there’s a classic American cheeseburger with sour cucumber and barbecue sauce in the middle of a bun stamped with Iron Man’s face, and the Gamma Ray Plant Burger features a large vegetable-based “pork chop”, sweet and sour tomato sauce and fresh lettuce in between a green matcha-flavor bun. Where you find a green bun, you’re also going to find Hulk’s insignia.


Jumping over to Hong King Disneyland Resort, a burger there is inspired by the Marvel-themed attraction, Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle! This burger is a Beetroot and Cheese Burger and no need to shrink or enlarge it to eat.


When the attraction first opened guests could also find a Green Tea Cheese Burger with a green bun and a Super Hero-themed Spicy Chicken Burger.


These are just some of the hunger-quenching (and social media-worthy) burgers you can find around the world at the Disney Parks! Check out all the burgers over on the Disney Parks Blog, and be ready for whatever Avengers-inspired food comes our way next!


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