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Published July 9, 2021

Marvel Celebrates the Cincinnati Reds' Wade Miley's No Hitter

Fans will receive a free poster of the Hulk and Wade Miley on July 17

Here at the House of Ideas, we know the inspirational power of Super Heroes. Every day amazing feats happen in the world by people who are aspiring to be like their favorite Super Heroes. The latest heroic real world tale comes from Cincinnati where Cincinnati Reds pitcher Wade Miley credited his astounding no-hitter against the Cleveland Indians to the temporary tattoo of the Hulk his four year old son Jeb gave to him before the game.

In celebration of the historic performance by Miley, Marvel's very own Brian Crosby, Creative Director of Marvel Themed Entertainment and talented artist, rose to the challenge to immortalize Miley alongside the Hulk for an exclusive poster to be given out at a game on July 17 as the Reds face-off against the Milwaukee Brewers. 

The father and son connection continues from Wade Miley and his son Jeb, to Marvel's Brian Crosby and his own father, Ed Crosby. Brian is no stranger to baseball or the Cincinnati Reds, as his father Ed Crosby, is a former player for the legendary baseball franchise.  This great father and son legacy will continue as Brian Crosby and his father Ed will be on-hand at the game in Cincinnati on July 17 and will be honored by throwing out the first pitch. 

“From the moment I saw Wade Miley’s historic no-hitter and noticed the Hulk tattoo on his arm and then heard the story about his son, I knew we needed to find a way to honor this moment here at Marvel." Crosby shared. "To me, the Hulk is a Super Hero that learns to control his inner rage and channels it to serve the greater good not unlike the focus and control it takes to find success in Major League Baseball let alone throw a no-hitter. As a lifelong baseball fan and son of a former Cincinnati Red, it was an honor to illustrate this poster and hopefully capture a moment that celebrates Wade’s incredible achievement in the mighty Marvel manner!”

As part of the collaboration between Marvel and the Reds, fans attending the game on July 17 will be able to meet Brian Crosby, Ed Crosby (and the Hulk himself!), at the Champions Gallery inside the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum from 4 to 6 p.m. to meet fans and sign posters. Paid admission to the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum gains you access to the meet and greet, a signed poster and a photo with Brian and the Hulk.

Congratulations Wade Miley for his history books performance with his no-hitter and thanks to Jeb Miley for giving his dad a little Marvel magic. HULK SMASH! See you on July 17 in Cincinnati!

Wade Miley Hulk Poster



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