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Published March 29, 2022

Light Up Your Book Shelf or Desk Area with These Marvel Light-Up Collectibles

Black Panther and Thor's Mjolnir arrive this Spring!

Feel the power of Thor's Mjolnir and Wakanda!

This Spring, in partnership with Marvel Comics, Running Press is releasing Marvel: Light-Up Black Panther and Marvel: Thor Mjolnir minis! Both mini kits are available on May 10, 2022. Pre-order Now!

Marvel: Light-Up Black Panther


Bring the majesty of Black Panther to your desktop or book shelf with this Marvel: Light-Up Black Panther mini kit! Pre-order Now!

The Marvel: Light-Up Black Panther mini deluxe collectible features a 3 1/2" display case with an illuminated 2D acrylic image of Black Panther and two different light modes highlighting his iconic suit. In addition, the kit includes a 48-page Mini Book on the legend and lore of the Black Panther with classic comic book art.

This is the perfect gift for fans of the Black Panther and Wakanda!

Marvel: Thor Mjolnir

Marvel: Thor Mjolnir

Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor!

Wield the power of Thor with this mini replica of the legendary Mjolnir! Pre-order the Marvel: Thor Mjolnir mini now!

The Marvel: Thor Mjonir mini deluxe collectible features a mini metal Mjolnir that makes thunder sounds and a lightning effect when it hits the base, which doubles as a deluxe display stand for your home or office.  In addition, the kit includes a 48-page Mini Book on the comic book origins, greatest adventures (and adversaries), most epic battles, and ill-fated romances of Thor with classic comic book art.

This is a must-have gift for Marvel Super Hero fans!

The Marvel: Light-Up Black Panther and Marvel: Thor Mjolnir mini kits are both available on May 10, wherever you like to buy books — PRE-ORDER NOW!

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