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Published June 10, 2021

Marvel Mission Recap: Hellfire Gala

Who's wearing what on the green carpet?


Congrats agents — you’ve just completed another Marvel Mission, and this one had everyone dressed to impress! 

The latest Marvel Mission tasked participants to put together the best Mutant fashion look to attend the biggest event of the year, the Hellfire Gala. While arriving on the green carpet for the occasion, looks were certainly served. 

While many took this opportunity to channel their inner-Emma Frost, others created their own unique look for the evening! Who’s wearing what? While it was hard to narrow down the submission, here are some of our favorite outfits from the Hellfire Gala!  

The possibilities are endless as to what you can create, so go ahead and assemble whatever craft supplies you might need — and be sure to share them on social with the hashtag, #MarvelMission.

Stay tuned for the next Marvel Mission! 

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