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Published May 11, 2020

Who Wins a Throwdown Between the Hulk and Captain Marvel?

Vote to decide in the Marvel Battle Royale 2020!

The Marvel Battle Royale 2020 is sponsored by State Farm.

Face front, True Believers! The Marvel Battle Royale 2020 features 16 of your favorite characters going mano a mano! Every 24 hours, you'll be able to vote on who moves on to the next round—all the way until there's only one supreme Super Hero left standing! And it's continuing apace right now!

But first, who came out on top of the previous match: Iron Man or Captain America?

Iron Man

Some say he won CIVIL WAR, and now Tony Stark takes down Cap in the Battle Royale. Here's what the bracket looks like now!

The Marvel Battle Royale 2020

Now for today's massive matchup: the Hulk vs. Captain Marvel!

the Hulk vs. Captain Marvel

It's a pulse-pounding punch-up of powerful proportions, pals! So who takes it? Is it Carol Danvers, the high-flying hero with cosmic-level energy blasts, flight (in a few different ways), superhuman strength, and near-legendary Binary abilities? Or is it our bashful buddy Bruce, who's basically written the blasted book on being unbeatable? 

We got in touch with Marvel Comics writer Lonnie Nadler to hear why he's backing Banner in this bout...

"The most expensive pants I ever owned were a pair of skinny-fit purple corduroys before skinny-fit was a thing. They were the signature pants of my favorite skateboarder at the time, Andrew Reynolds. There was even a cool feather paper-clipped to one of the belt buckle loops to seal the cool factor in amber. I only had the stones to wear them in public a handful of times because I realized it takes some real 'IDE' to pull off that kind of fashion statement, especially as a dude.

"Hulk has been keeping it fresh with his purple knickers for decades. With confidence like that, a person can do anything."

Makes sense to us! But Members of the Merry Marvel Marching Society, it's time for you to decide. Head over to Marvel's TwitterFacebook, or Instagram to cast your ballot in this thumpin' throwdown...right now!

Stay tuned to for more on the Marvel Battle Royale 2020! Onward!



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