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Published December 15, 2020

Ed Viesturs Heads to the Top of the World on 'Marvel's Storyboards'

The elite mountain climber takes Joe on a journey to the world's highest peaks!

Real-life adventurers may seem like Super Heroes when they achieve amazing feats, whether it's scientific, artistic, or athletic. World-famous mountain climber Ed Viesturs has several big achievements under his belt, having climbed all 14 of the world's tallest peaks -- but that doesn't mean it wasn't a challenge! On this episode of Marvel's Storyboards, Viesturs and Joe Quesada, EVP, Creative Director of Marvel Entertainment hike Griffin Butte in Sun Valley, Idaho. Ed shares tales from his climbs as well as his thoughts on fear and what motivates him to continue telling his story.

Ed Viesturs Marvel's Storyboards

You can watch this episode and the entire first season of Marvel's Storyboards on or Marvel's YouTube channel. Stay tuned to for the latest news about the show and everything happening at the House of Ideas!



Marvel's Storyboards

Ed Viesturs and the Mountaintop | Marvel's Storyboards

With famed mountain climber Ed Viesturs as his guide, Joe Quesada hikes Griffin Butte in Sun Valley, ID. Ed shares tales from his climbs of the world’s tallest peaks, as well as his thoughts on fear & what motivates him to continue telling his story.

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