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Published December 9, 2020

Earn Points for Marvel Insider This Week with Venom and Knull

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Make way for the Lord of the Abyss...the King in Black is here, and nothing will ever be the same! But who is Knull, and why is he out to get Eddie Brock? Get the full story when you pick up the Comic of the Week!

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VENOM (2018) #31
EARN: +1,000 Insider Points by purchasing from the Marvel Comics App

KING IN BLACK ARRIVES! What happens to Eddie Brock—AKA Venom—when he finally comes face to face with the Lord of the Abyss, the terrifyingly ruthless Knull?

Donny Cates and Iban Coello pull no stops in bringing you the most eye-opening tale of VENOM yet! Be on the lookout for clues as the story ties in to the long-awaited KING IN BLACK event!

Get your issue in the Marvel Comics App today and read this crucial chapter!

Marvel Insider GET THE COMIC OF THE WEEK VENOM (2018) #31


See Taboo in an episode of Marvel's Storyboards
EARN: +500 Insider Points for watching the video

Musician and actor Taboo hangs out with Joe Quesada to examine how music, culture, and what it means to be a hero goes into telling an exciting story in this episode of Marvel’s Storyboards!

Marvel Insider THE POWER OF REPRESENTATION See Taboo in an episode of Marvel's Storyboards


Digital Comic
Redeem for: 7,500 points

The climactic showdown between Spider-Man and Venom! Spidey calls on a ghost from Eddie Brock's past to assist his takedown of Venom and the retrieval of his parents. But will Venom fall for the bait? J. Jonah Jameson calls in the big guns of Silver Sable and her Wild Pack!

Marvel Insider FEATURED REWARDS Digital Comic AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #375

Marvel Contest of Champions 2020 Rank Up Bundle
Redeem for: 125,000 points

Get the EXCLUSIVE Marvel Contest of Champions 2020 Rank Up Bundle! The bundle includes:

  • 2x Sexenniun Crystal (2 to 4-Star 2020 Champions Crystal)
  • 3x Tier 1 Alpha Catalyst
  • 5x Tier 3 Basic Catalyst
  • 9,000 Tier 4 Basic Catalyst Fragments
  • 3x Energy Refill
  • 15,000 Gold

Redeemable until 1/17/20.

Marvel Insider Featured Rewards Marvel Contest of Champions 2020 Rank Up Bundle

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