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Published December 9, 2020

Long Story Short: Everything You (N)ever Wanted to Know About Doop

Is he a mutant? Is he an alien? WHERE is his brain?

If you've ever read a Marvel Comic that included Doop, you probably came out of the experience with a few questions. Worry no more, Marvelites! In this new episode of Marvel's Long Story Short, you will find out exactly what Doop is (or what he isn't) and why he's possibly one of the most powerful (and weird) characters in all of the Marvel Universe!

Read Doop's debut right here in X-FORCE (1991) #116:

X-Force (1991) #116

X-Force (1991) #116

    • publishedJul 2, 2001
    • added to marvel unlimitedFeb 4, 2010
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And check him out in his very own miniseries, ALL-NEW DOOP (2014)! Don't worry, it has been translated from whatever language Doop speaks. 

All-New Doop (2014) #1

All-New Doop (2014) #1

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