Published February 14, 2023

Celebrate Marvel Love Stories with MARVEL SNAP

Watch the animated cinematic "Hero ft. Martin Garrix & JVKE" and tell us who your favorite Marvel couple is! Also for a limited time only, pick up Exclusive Bundles with Daredevil & Elektra and Scarlet Witch & Vision!

Celebrate Marvel Love Stories with MARVEL SNAP

"Love don't last in the dark..." This Valentine's Day, these Marvel Super Heroes certainly know when there's a love worth fighting for!

In collaboration with NuverseSecond Dinner and MARVEL Entertainment, superstar DJ/Producer Martin Garrix and multi-talented viral singer, songwriter, and producer JVKE released their MARVEL SNAP anthem track ‘Hero’, supported by a Super Hero-studded animated video. In this mind-melding adventure video, inspired by the hit game MARVEL SNAP, epic Marvel love stories are used to explore the trials and tribulations of falling in and out of love.

In the video, JVKE falls deep into thought and imaginative exploration when he gets an all too familiar "Can we talk?" text from his ex-girlfriend, Georgia. Throughout the video, JVKE explores the highs and lows of a relationship through fan favorite Marvel pairs including Spider-Man & Mary JaneStorm & Black Panther, and Vision & Scarlet Witch. The video showcases beautifully unique variant card art styles that can be found in MARVEL SNAP.

See if you can spot these couples and variant art styles in the music video and tell us who are your favorites!


To celebrate the season of love, MARVEL SNAP is also offering some Exclusive Bundles for a limited time! Each bundle costs 2,000 gold each.

MARVEL SNAP Westview Story Vision Scarlet Witch

Westview Story Bundle

MARVEL SNAP Steamy Hells Kitchen Elektra Daredevil

Steamy Hells Kitchen Bundle

  • Daredevil Variant & Avatar
  • Elektra Variant & Avatar
  • Title: Are You… My Soulmate?


Check out these exclusive bundles and more in the latest season update for Marvel SNAP!

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