An Angel from Heven, Sera rebels against their strict rules and escapes to become her true self, a righteous mercenary skilled in spellcraft.


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ANGELA: QUEEN OF HEL #7 cover by Stephanie Hans


Pride Month Spotlight: Angela & Sera

From the heights of Heven to the depths of Hel, Angela and Sera have a love that transcends life and death.



The angel sorceress turned mercenary Sera is an Angel from Heven. Under a powerful curse, she is banished to Hel before being reunited with her love, Aldrif Odinsdottir, AKA Angela.


Hails from Heven

As one of the Angels of Heven, Sera is born as a rare and wingless male known as an Anchorite. The men of Heven are few as there’s one male birth for every hundred girl-children. The men are feeble and treated as precious, guarded, and locked up in temples run by Hierophants. Sera experiences the same treatment but remains different from the others, never identifying with them or their gender, and seeking forbidden knowledge, misusing resources in the temple.

In the safety of the temple, a dark and stagnant place, Sera sings and prays, but the hymns taste bitter. That is until Angela, the Angel-raised Asgardian who always pays her debts, comes to defeat a monster. Sera helps Angela defeat the beast, going against the rules of the Angels. As payment for the aid, Sera asks Angela for freedom from their bonds. Angela helps Sera escape, and they find a way to make Sera into herself. Sera then makes her a flute to which Angela cannot pay for, but Sera knows she’ll find a way to repay her one day.

Afterward, they face objections from a Hierophant who tries to bribe Angela with information about her mother, Loriel, to trade for Sera, but Angela refuses the deal and instead attacks him. She then swears to Sera that she would never allow her to live in a place like that and kisses her. They go on to battle men and gods and enjoy their life together…for a time.



Studying everything that’s forbidden in Heven, Sera becomes knowledgeable in Spellcraft. She can manifest body parts from a single slap to her face, and blowback enemies with mystical energy that she projects from her hands. Sera is also a capable fighter in battle and can play the lute.


Enemies All-Around

While Sera is born in Heven as a male Angel, she knows she’s different than the others and lives a life in darkness and solitude, wanting to leave and fight for what’s right. After Sera escapes her hell in Heven, the rulers of the realm express objections to her choices, but Angela helps her be free of them.

Sera goes up against many enemies alongside her ally and romantic partner, Angela. They face off Hela, ruler of the dead in Hel, and dethrone her, taking over the realm’s rulership.


Allies from Heven and Hel

Sera immediately finds an ally in Angela when she seeks to leave Heven, a place that only causes her suffering. Having been born as a male Angel, Sera seeks to become her true self, and Angela helps her transform, despite the objections from Heven’s Hierophants. Sera and Angela grow inseparable and share a romantic relationship. They are happy for a time until their paths diverge, and Sera finds a new purpose in helping others in need.

While dead and trapped in Hel, Sera meets Leah of Hel, the handmaiden to the realm’s ruler Hela. Leah helps her understand the inner workings of the underworld, and when Angela arrives to help them, they band together to defeat Hela. They do so successfully and return to the living realm of Earth and live together with the Hel pup, Thori.


To Hel and Back

During a battle, Sera died, and her soul ended up in Hel. Sera, though, could not abide by being there and rebelled against the ruler of Hel, Hela. Hela struck Sera with her hand for her disobedience and sent her to a dark cell. Using her magic, Sera pried they handprint from her face and created a vindictive thank you that followed Hela’s scent. The magical hand found Hela’s handmaiden, Leah--magically created from Hela’s hand, cut apart and made manifest, to do Hela’s bidding. They became allies, and Leah taught Sera all she needed to know about Hel.

When Sera met Malekith the Accursed, she made a deal with him in exchange for information about Angela. Sera gave Malekith her ring so that he could become her vessel and hurt Odin, Angela’s father, and Sera shared everything about her history to make his deception all the more real. Meanwhile, after Malekith/Sera quested with Angela to purify Odin’s new daughter, Laussa, from Surtur, Angela realized the imposter and left immediately for Hel to rescue the real Sera.

Sera and Angela reunited, and while Sera was happy to see her, she fought her for breaking her promise[5]. Sera informed Angela there was no taking her soul out of the Realm of the Dead unless she became ruler of Hel and changed the rules. Sera and Leah assisted Angela with passing the trials necessary to gain more power and defeat Hela. When Angela successfully dethroned Hela, she became the Queen of Hel with Sera as her Royal Consort. Using her new powers, she resurrected Sera and freed Leah from her bond to Hel. They all returned to New York City and lived with Thori, the Hel pup.

When The Faustian Queen, AKA Faustia, the Angela from Earth-311, met Sera and Angela on Earth-616 alongside their companions Leah, Thori, and Jane Foster, AKA Thor, Faustia overpowered the group. Leah pleaded with Faustia to give the group seven years in exchange of being released of her curse and reunited with long lost love, Serah and Faustia accepted.

Later, Sera left New York and found mercenary work with Yondu’s Ravagers. Alongside refugees that could produce diamonds from prayers, Sera and the Ravagers moved around from planet to planet, escaping Chargazel’s Raiders, and they ended up settling on Ego the Living Planet. When Angela showed up with Loki and the Asgardians of the Galaxy, the Ravagers attacked them, but Sera came forward and stopped the misunderstanding. Though their reunion did not last, and the Raiders attacked the Ravager camp and used Alter Ego, a device that brought forth environmental destruction. Angela killed the Raiders’ leader, Chargazel, and disabled Alter Ego, leaving the Raiders left who fled. Sera turned Angela down after she asked her to leave the Ravagers since she had found a new purpose in keeping the refugees safe.



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