Published July 15, 2022

Marvel Contest of Champions Reveals Valkyrie and Gorr

Gorr the God Butcher must be stopped. Are you strong enough to overcome THE FIGHT OF THE VALKYRIE?

A deathly figure descends on Asgard, and even the gods are afraid...Enter Gorr the God Butcher, a merciless hunter of gods, feared by all. One Hero remains dauntless—the one and only Valkyrie, a champion of her people and a fearless fighter, ready to protect others from Gorr's dark mission!

Find out more in the latest Champion Reveal trailer from Marvel Contest of Champions!

Fight of the Valkyrie

Gorr the God Butcher has corrupted dozens of Champions in the Contest and is forcing them to mine Star Ore for the construction of his Godbomb! Help Valkyrie stop him by using Star Mine Coordinates gained from your Daily Login Calendar to track down Gorr’s Thrall, earn valuable Star Ore by defeating Gorr’s minions, and spend the Star Ore in the Valkyrie Store on valuable rewards. Gorr the God Butcher must be stopped. Are you strong enough to overcome THE FIGHT OF THE VALKYRIE?

Featuring Champions seen in Marvel Studios' THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER

Gorr the God-Butcher grew up on a harsh world, where belief in the gods kept his people from falling to despair. But after his family perished to the deadly environment, Gorr became disillusioned and swore vengeance against the gods that never came to help him or his people. He later obtained the powerful Necrosword, and gained the ability to control dark magic and shadowy constructs. He uses these powers to wreak havoc, destruction, and death on any and all that would call themselves gods.

Former leader of the mighty Valkyrior, and recently crowned sovereign of New Asgard, Valkyrie has long been a bastion to the Asgardian people against the evils of the Nine Realms. Possessing superior strength (even among Asgardians) and armed with the powerful weapons, training, and tactics of the Valkyrior, she is an excellent leader, and a steadfast warrior. Her conviction, though scarred by loss, is stronger than ever, and she is ready and willing to protect the Asgadians of the Battlerealm.

Add a Worthy Champion to your Roster!

For a limited time only, all new and existing players can add either Thor (Jane Foster) or Thor (Ragnarok) to their rosters. Who will you choose?


After capturing Gorr the God Butcher skulking around Asgard, Thor (Jane Foster), with Valkyrie and The Summoner, lead him to Asgard for sentencing from Odin. However, when they arrive at Asgard, they see their worst fears come to light. The Devourer of Worlds, Galactus, has turned his hungry gaze to Asgard sending innocent citizens and gods alike into a frenzy as they try to combat this Cosmic threat. Without a secure place to hold Gorr the God Butcher, Valkyrie suggests they take the prisoner to her ship on the other side of Asgard. Will they make it through the chaos and ruin of Asgard? Find out in SUBSERVIENCE!

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