Published May 5, 2023

Marvel Contest of Champions v39.0 Release Notes Introduce Moondragon and Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock and Moondragon enter the Contest! Watch them make their grand entrance in the new Champion Reveal Trailer!

Marvel Contest of Champions v39.0 Release Notes Introduce Moondragon and Adam Warlock

The Guardians of the Galaxy will soon have their hands full in Marvel Contest of Champions...Moondragon and Adam Warlock join the Contest and are about to shake things up in the universe!

Read on for the latest v39.0 Release Notes to find out what's in store for May!


V39.0 Release Notes

Seed Of Doubt

Tasked with protecting the powerful World Seed, the Guardians of the Galaxy find a cozy corner of deep space to hide in. But the Guardians have a way of stumbling into trouble, and they soon find themselves rescuing MOONDRAGON and arguing with ADAM WARLOCK while also dodging attacks from all sides. Will the Guardians be able to convince their newly reunited compatriots they can be trusted to keep their cosmically important cargo safe, or will there be a SEED OF DOUBT?

Escape From Titan

Titan is under attack! This time not by Thanos but by Drax (and his friends), who intend on dragging his daughter Moondragon to an outing whether she likes it or not! Each path and fight you choose will determine the next set of encounters’ Buffs and Debuffs. Defeat each encounter along your way and help Moondragon escape Titan!

Your choices of paths and combatants will activate Trap Buffs that will change the fights ahead of you as you go. So remember, when the going gets tough… you did this to yourself!


New Faces arrive in The Contest!

After the tragic death of her father at the hands of the Mad Titan, Thanos, Heather Douglas was adopted by the Eternals on Saturn's moon Titan, where she honed her latent physical, spiritual, and telepathic abilities. When she encountered the cosmic entity known as the Dragon of the Moon, Heather adopted the name Moondragon after she seemingly bested the creature. Over time she grew arrogant with her newfound powers, and came under the sway of the Dragon of the Moon, who had actually survived and taken refuge inside of her mind, seeking to slowly corrupt Heather throughout her mission to defeat Thanos. Having to contend with the influence of the outer entity known as the Dragon of the Moon, Moondragon joins the contest as one of the most powerful Telepaths in the Battlerealm.

The Sovereign are an advanced race, arrogant in nature and meticulously designed. Each Sovereign is developed through genetic engineering in birthing pods, but no Sovereign was created as faultless as the powerful Adam Warlock. The High Priestess Ayesha created Adam to be the perfect Sovereign and to ultimately put an end to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel Contest of Champions Adam Warlock
Marvel Contest of Champions Adam Warlock

Shooting Stars Quest

For those who have become a Paragon (by completing Act 7 and owning at least 3x 6-Star Rank 4 Champions), the new SHOOTING STARS QUEST is coming to The Battlerealm to allow you to expand and empower your collection of 7-Star Champions!

The Shooting Stars Quest is a permanent addition to The Contest and feature 6x Maps with 3x Paths each.

All Paragon players will have access to one of the Paths of the Quest, allowing them to collect Completion Rewards. Those with a full team of 7-Star Champions will be able to fully explore the quest and collect Exploration Rewards!

Challenge these new Quests to acquire 7-Star Hero Crystal Shards, new Paragon Crystals (which feature 4 to 7-Star Champions), Gold and Class ISO-8 Selectors to help rank up your roster!


Champion Update

Iceman has received a tuneup, check out his Spotlight for more information!


New Relics

This new batch of Relics are ready to power some of your favorite Skill, Cosmic, and Tech Champions, with a focus on a few key users of certain Class mechanics.

Black Widow rewards Champions who are already hunting their Opponent’s Defensive Abilities with Ability Accuracy reductions.

Gamora is ready to power up the Fury and Cruelty Buffs of your Champions, especially if they rely on chance!

Last but not least is the Green Goblin who powers up Champions who drain their Opponent’s Power, with a special focus on some of his fellow ne'er do wells.


Guardians of the Galaxy Champion Giveaway

Celebrating the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Players will be able to select one of the Guardians of the Galaxy to join their journey in The Battlerealm! Add 3-Star: Star-Lord, Gamora, Nebula, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, or Mantis to your roster for a limited time only!

Marvel Contest of Champions Adam Warlock

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