Published March 1, 2023

MARVEL SNAP Explained: Who Is Stature?

Find out her comic origins and best strategies for playing in the hit game MARVEL SNAP!

MARVEL SNAP Explained: Who Is Stature?

In the Marvel Universe, there are few characters who loom quite as large as Stature—literally. Also known as Cassie Lang, Stature possesses incredible size-changing abilities that have allowed her to be a key member of such teams as the Young Avengers. Now, Stature has officially joined MARVEL SNAP, and she might just end up being a big part of the game going forward. Here’s what you need to know about Stature in the comics and MARVEL SNAP.


Playing Stature in MARVEL SNAP

A 5-Cost, 7-Power card, Stature doesn’t have an On Reveal or Ongoing ability. Instead, when a player’s opponent has discarded a card in that game, her cost goes from 5 to 1. This makes her a potentially cheap powerhouse.


While Stature can certainly be a strong counter for discard effects-based decks, good synergy means making her viable against other types of players as well. Moon Knight has an On Reveal ability that forces both players to discard a card from their hands, making him a potentially great partner for Stature. Additionally, Black Bolt has a similar On Reveal effect that causes opposing players to get rid of “the lowest-Cost card in their hand.”


Once a player increases the chances of Stature’s ability being usable, they can work on getting the most out of her. Overall, there are a lot of existing deck archetypes that Stature can fit into well. One particularly strong pairing is Moon Girl, who duplicates the cards in a player’s hand, which could result in a second low-Cost Stature. Players could also use Taskmaster’s On Reveal ability to get an additional 7 Power, or Aero to move an opponent’s cards out of the way to better control the board.


There are a few locations that can benefit those playing Stature. Sokovia, for example, forces both players to discard a card from their hand, making it much easier to activate Stature’s ability. Otherwise, Elysium could reduce Stature’s post-discard Cost to zero. The Sacred Timeline, which duplicates the opening hand of the first player to fill it up, could also create another low-Cost Stature.

Due to Stature’s versatility and lack of an On Reveal or Ongoing ability, there aren’t a lot of hard counters for her. Shang-Chi, though, can take Stature out if she gets any buffs, since she’s quite close to the threshold for his On Reveal ability, which destroys any card with 9 or more Power. Countering Stature will mostly be an exercise in good board control, as cards like Polaris and Professor X can actively undermine their opponent’s strategy. Cosmo can also prevent any On Reveal effects that might make Stature stronger.


That same logic holds true in terms of locations as well. Overall, there aren’t any places to which Stature is specifically vulnerable. However, like many other cards, she can be impeded or stymied by places that move her, destroy her, or otherwise undermine the player’s strategy.


Stature in the Comics

Created by David Michelinie and John Byrne, Cassie debuted in MARVEL PREMIERE (1972) #47 and is the daughter of Scott Lang. Originally, a congenital heart defect from which Cassie suffered spurred Scott into stealing Hank Pym’s Ant-Man technology, which in turn led to him taking up that classic mantle. Cassie dreamed of becoming a hero like her father, and she eventually got that wish in YOUNG AVENGERS (2005) #2.

Following her father’s death during AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED (2004), Cassie attempted to join the newly formed Young Avengers team. Soon, she discovered that her exposure to Pym Particles had given her the ability to grow and shrink. In YOUNG AVENGERS (2005) #2, she donned a version of Scott’s Ant-Man costume, which she wore until YOUNG AVENGERS (2005) #6, when she got a suit of her own and officially became Stature. Cassie wore that costume until her untimely death during AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE (2012), and it’s the one showcased on her MARVEL SNAP card.


While her card itself shows off Cassie’s ability to grow to a massive size, it may also be tied to Scott’s death being a major catalyst for her becoming a hero. In many ways, loss has motivated Cassie’s actions, and that seems to be reflected in the way her ability works.

MARVEL SNAP Explained: Who Is Stature?

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