Published May 2, 2023

MARVEL SNAP Gets Ready to Rock Guardians Greatest Hits

Arriving now in a galaxy near you! Check out the latest season of MARVEL SNAP!

MARVEL SNAP Gets Ready to Rock Guardians Greatest Hits

What’s more radical than your Laser Disc collection? Well…nothing. But the next MARVEL SNAP season comes pretty close. It’s sure to be a thriller!


MARVEL SNAP’s newest season, Guardians Greatest Hits, is now released directly to your playing devices—don’t change that dial! We’ve lined up some heavy hitters in this Season Pass, featuring the one, the only…NEBULA. Guardians Greatest Hits wouldn’t be complete without a new variant for our space adventuring headliner himself, Star-Loooooord. Last but absolutely not least, the loyal sister that’s like, totally awesome, joins the crew with an all new variant…it’s Gamora! Stay around for more funky fresh content!



MARVEL SNAP Guardians Greatest Hits Seasonal Rewards Spotlight


New Music Fridays New Card Tuesdays are bringing the heat this month! These new cards will be added to Series 5 and available to unlock on the Collection Level Track and Token Shop.


In the year 3016 on the technologically advanced alternate Earth known as Other-Earth, 16-year-old robotics student Nathaniel Richards was rescued from a life-threatening situation by his future-self the time-traveling despot Kang The Conqueror. Kang, hoping to change a very painful moment in his life, outfitted his younger self with a suit of psychokinetic armor that responded to his thoughts and gave him a glimpse of his future as a conqueror. Horrified at the death and destruction caused by his future-self, young Nathaniel rejected Kang's help and used the armor to escape and hide in the modern day Earth (616 reality), hoping to find the Avengers so they could help him take down Kang. However, once young Nathaniel reached the present day and ventured toward Avengers Mansion looking for help all he found were the ruins left behind from the Disassembled attacks from an insane Scarlet Witch.

Calling himself Iron Lad, Nathaniel attempted to contact some of the individual Avengers but met with no success. Realizing that he couldn't travel further back in time due to a glitch in the armor (or perhaps due to mystical interference from the Scarlet Witch) Nathaniel set out to find help wherever he thought possible. He used his armor to track down the body of the Vision (who had also been destroyed during the Disassembled attacks) at a Stark Enterprises warehouse. Nathaniel then linked his armor to the Vision's body and downloaded all of his programming, including the Avengers protocols, a series of files on the next-wave of young Avengers who were all super-powered youths with either some significance to the Avengers themselves or to Avengers history.


MARVEL SNAP Howard the Duck
Ongoing: Tap this to see the top card of your deck.

Duckworld, a planet in another dimension where intelligent life evolved from waterfowl, resembles Earth in an astounding number of ways, including the fact that ducks speak English. (In fact, Howard mistook Earth for Duckworld on his arrival, until he saw the “hairless apes” wandering around.) Howard was born the eldest son of Dave and Dottie, but beyond enjoying his rocking horse on Christmas as a baby, he disappointed them in every other way. He couldn’t hold down any job, be it serious or frivolous, and couldn’t fit in to any group. Instead, he figured he had no use for society, despite his ability to adapt to any situation and society, and found content as a malcontent.

Howard found himself trapped in a world that he never made when the power-hungry demon Thog the Nether-Spawn used his magic to shift the interdimensional Cosmic Axis in hopes that all realities could be collapsed into one under his control. Howard was plucked from Duckworld and dropped into the middle of the Florida Everglades on Earth-- the site of this world's Nexus of All Realities. Reluctantly, Howard joined the similarly-dislodged Korrek the Barbarian and Earth’s Jennifer Kale, Dakimh the Enchanter, and the Man-Thing in stopping the forces of Thog. When the battle was over, Howard accidentally fell off the otherdimensional Stepping Stones of Oblivion and landed in the city of Cleveland, Ohio.


When genetics student Herbert Wyndham develops a controversial serum that alters genetic code, he gets expelled. Though, the unethical Wyndham continues his experiments, establishing a Citadel of Science on Wundagore Mountain where he enhances his intellect and creates evolved, anthropomorphic beings.


So, when can you expect new cards?

You can expect new cards to be released weekly - starting with last month’s Season Pass CardHit-Monkey, releasing as a Series 5 card on May 2nd.

May 2nd: Hit-Monkey - Series 5 Release
May 9th: Iron Lad - Series 5 Release
May 16th: Howard the Duck - Series 5 Release
May 23rd: High Evolutionary - Series 5 Release
May 30th: Living Tribunal - Series 5 Release
Series 5 releases appear in the Token Shop and Collector’s Reserves.



Guardian’s Greatest Hits brings us stellar sights from across the multiverse and features all-new, but iconic, locations for you and your breakfast club to visit!

MARVEL SNAP Location Spotlight Milano
MARVEL SNAP Location Spotlight Deep Space

Milano: You can only play cards here on turn 5.
Deep Space: Cards have their text disabled here.



Gnarly gameplay, wicked vibes, and schweet style come together with the release of 25+ new variants during Guardians Greatest Hits from awesome artists like Skottie Young, Peach Momoko, and Eduardo Francisco.

● Nova - Adi Granov - Ultimate
Thanos - Flaviano - Ultimate
● Nebula - Skottie Young - Super Rare
● Iron Lad - Eduardo Francisco - Super Rare
Rocket Raccoon - Skottie Young - Super Rare
● Howard the Duck - Noir - Rare
Thor - Peach Momoko - Super Rare
● High Evolutionary - Dan Hipp - Rare
Yondu - Alex Garner - Super Rare
Mantis - Empyre - Rare
Baron Mordo - 3099 - Super Rare
Super Skrull - Skottie Young - Rare
● Living Tribunal - Flaviano - Super Rare
● Baron Mordo - Venomized - Super Rare



These Exclusive Bundles are available for a limited time! And don’t forget that you can use any new variant even if you don’t yet own the base card. Here are the upcoming bundles:

Beautiful Beyond Compare

● The Collector Variant & Avatar
● 10,000 Tokens
● 500 Credits
● 500 Gold
● 310 The Collector Boosters

Price: $99.99


I am Groot

● Groot Variant & Avatar
● 4000 Credits
● 465 Groot Boosters
● Title: I Am Groot

Price: 2900 Gold

A Spoonful of Sugar

● 1 Mystery Variant
● 500 Tokens
● 500 Gold

Price: $9.99

Chibis of the Galaxy

● Star-Lord Variant & Avatar
● Gamora Variant & Avatar
● Drax Variant & Avatar
● 6500 Credits
● 310 Star-Lord Boosters
● 310 Gamora Boosters
● 310 Drax Boosters
● Title: …Who?

Price: 5900 Gold

Artist Showcase: Ivan Tao

● Venomized Thor Variant & Avatar
● Venomized Lady Sif Variant & Avatar
● 3000 Credits
● 155 Thor Boosters
● 155 Lady Sif Boosters

Price: 5000 Gold

Trash Panda

● Rocket Raccoon Variant & Avatar
● 1000 Credits
● 3000 Gold
● 310 Rocket Raccoon Boosters
● Title: Don’t Call Me a Raccoon

Price: $29.99

Get a Leg Up

● 1 Mystery Variant
● 500 Credits
● 1000 Tokens

Price: 2000 Gold

Marvel’s Voices: Pride

● America Chavez Variant & Avatar
● Iceman Variant & Avatar
● 155 America Chavez Boosters
● 155 Iceman Boosters

Price: $4.99

Ooga Chaka Ooga Ooga

● 1 Mystery Variant
● 1500 Credits
● 500 Tokens

Price: 2000 Gold


We hope you enjoy all the choice content coming with Guardians Greatest Hits! See you in-game. Later, dudes & dudettes!

Get in on the action now! MARVEL SNAP is available in 13 languages across the world and available for download now on mobile and early access PC:


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