Published September 4, 2020

'Marvel's Avengers': Everything Marvel Games is Excited for Players to Experience

With the worldwide release of 'Marvel's Avengers,' those behind the game tease what you can expect!

The day has finally arrived — for the Avengers to Reassemble, and for players worldwide to get their hands on the highly-anticipated Marvel's Avengers!

To get you pumped for the game, reached out to the folks behind your favorite Marvel games on what they're excited for YOU, the fans, to experience in the game!

Ms. Marvel

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"I’m so excited for Marvel fans to finally join Kamala on her quest to reassemble the Avengers, and explore the incredible gaming world that our friends at Crystal Dynamics have created! I can’t wait to see players pick a favorite hero, and then change their mind a dozen times (like I did!) as they continue to unpack the deep customization and awesome abilities that they can unlock over time. " — Tim Hernandez, VP & Executive Producer, Marvel Games

“I can’t wait for fans to experience this original story! It’s engaging, exciting, and empowering.” — Laura Hathaway, Operations Coordinator, Marvel Games

"I am most excited fans to play Kamala Khan because slapping and punching evil from afar is so cool and SO anime!” — Danny Koo, Director, Production, Marvel Games

Marvel's Avengers

"Thor’s Bifrost ultimate!" — Gary Clubb, Executive Director, BD & Prod Strategy, Marvel Games

Kamala Khan is the GOAT! Crystal Dynamics nailed her stretchy fight style with crazy, over-the-top animations. It’s way too much fun to hit AIM baddies with a giant haymaker or Embiggen them to smithereens with a mighty axe kick!" — Michael Francisco, Producer, Marvel Games

Ms. Marvel! Her stretching ability makes it so that enemies both near and far get thrashed all the same and she has some really fun combos." — Peter Rosas, Senior Producer, Marvel Games

"I can’t wait for everyone to take a look at all the awesome Outfits that were made for each Hero! So many past comic book references for people to discover! Also, slamming Thor's Mjolnir to the ground and taking out a circle of enemies is the stuff of my Super Hero dreams!!" — Loni Clark, Operations Coordinator, Marvel Games

Marvel's Avengers

“Little Kamala walking through A-Day, starry-eyed and awestruck... It’s a moment I know too well from my own life – back when I was a little boy growing up overseas, I similarly won an art competition and got the chance to meet one of my personal heroes (he couldn’t fly), which kicked off a lifelong dream to work in the video games industry. Sometimes you get to achieve your dreams and if you’re extremely lucky like me, help create new ones for the next generation.” — Haluk Mentes, VP, Strategy & Business Development, Marvel Games

"I’m most excited for fans to experience an entirely unique Avengers story that stands apart from its predecessors. Both our team and the team at Crystal Dynamics worked incredibly hard to create captivating boss fights and surprising twists to ensure that each character, as well as the story overall, feels completely different from previous representations. The game will only continue to grow and shine with each new Super Hero added. And of course, Kamala Khan. Her exuberance shines in every quip and stretch. I sincerely hope players enjoy her as much as I do! — Dakota Maysonet, Creative Assistant, Marvel Games

"The journey of Kamala Khan as she reassembles the Avengers is a remarkably thoughtful thrill ride that I’m excited, and highly anxious, for fans to tell us what they think after they play it. Secondly, I’m excited to see and read reactions as fans assemble together online and take down AIM playing as their favorites Super Heroes. Being connected to your friends and family is more important now than ever before and I’m thrilled that Marvel’s Avengers will afford people a space to be social, have fun, and escape into the Super Hero fantasy of playing as an Avenger." — Eric Monacelli, Project Lead & Director of Production, Marvel Games

"I’m most excited that players will be able to assemble with True Believers around the world via co-op action while at the same time experience the very personal journey of Kamala Khan from super hero fan to becoming a hero in her own right. During this most challenging time, we all need to connect with others and also realizing your own inner strength." — Bill Rosemann, VP & Creative Director, Marvel Games

Marvel’s Avengers is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC! Marvel’s Avengers will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X when the consoles launch in Holiday 2020.

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