Published May 20, 2021

'Marvel's Avengers' Red Room Takeover Is Now Live

New challenges in the HARM Room await!

Marvel's Avengers Red Room Takeover

The Red Room Takeover event for Marvel’s Avengers is now live!

First revealed at SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS, the single-player-focused Red Room Takeover event involves a mysterious spy who has hacked into and transformed the Avengers’ HARM Room into a deadly crimson trap. The Red Room Takeover event runs until May 31. 

Marvel's Avengers Red Room Takeover

The Red Room Takeover starts after nearly two weeks of players investigating the “Rooskaya Protocols,” a mysterious program that has infiltrated AIM Synthoids. It is believed that Protocol Chips collected from hacked AIM tech hold the key to unraveling the enigma, but whatever, or whomever, made the Rooskaya Protocols has also corrupted the Avengers’ HARM Room.

Agent James “Jimmy” Woo has reported a number of anomalies within the HARM Room, each linked to an unknown computer virus. His diagnostic tests have indicated that the hack originated from the same IP address as the Rooskaya Protocols. Along with the virus, encrypted messages have been sent, all addressed to Black Widow from “Rooskaya” herself.

Now, players must uncover encrypted messages addressed to Black Widow from an old friend—Yelena Belova—who has taken over the HARM Room, turning it from a training facility into a deadly trap. The threats are no longer virtual: players must defeat the deadly onslaught and regain control of the HARM Room. These HARM Rooms are single player and will also scale from Power Level 1 to 120. Can you survive the takedown? 

Players who complete event-related missions with any Super Hero in their roster will be rewarded with valuable in-game resources as well as a special themed animated nameplate that any of their Heroes can use. 

  • Players can earn exclusive 'Widow Maker' comics for completing each Red Room Challenge.
  • Completing each Event Assignment will award player a generous amount of XP and—if their Hero is above Power Level 80—a piece of gear from the re-introduced Surging Set. Heroes below this power threshold will receive gear scaled to their Power Level.
  • Completing the Event Challenge Assignment will award a large amount of XP, an exclusive event nameplate, and a bundle of Polychoron and Upgrade Modules. Heroes above Power Level 120 will also receive a piece of Exotic gear originally found in Last Avenger Standing. Heroes below this power threshold will receive gear scaled to their Power Level.

There are five different hacked HARM Rooms that will test your traversal and evasion abilities so you can truly feel like a master spy. Yelena Belova is playing for keeps and has placed multiple hazards in these rooms like Techno Lava, which instantly kills Heroes – or enemies – upon touch, and Red Lightning, a more potent form of AIM’s blue lightning. Various enemies will also be trying to take you down. 

Marvel’s Avengers is currently available on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Stadia and is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB. 

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