Published June 18, 2019

Namor the Sub-Mariner Make Waves Entering the 'Marvel Contest of Champions' Battlerealm

Hail to the King!


All hail to the King!

The Contest welcomes its latest Champion — the short-tempered Namor the Sub-Mariner! You can grab him in Marvel Contest of Champions now!

The Mutant King of Atlantis is a force to behold. Namor the Sub-Mariner, A.K.A. Namor McKenzie, is the mutant son of a human sailor and an Atlantean princess, graced with immense strength, durability, aquatic powers, and flight. Being the Prince of Atlantis, Namor uses his incredible powers to protect its people from any threat that would endanger them, even if that puts him at odds with his fellow heroes. Namor will stop at nothing to crush anyone and anything that threatens his Kingdom and its people. No matter who you are or what your intentions may have been.

Namor may be arrogant but as one of the most powerful people on Earth he has earned that right. Namor is a highly offensive attacker. He passively generates stacks of Outrage over time and whenever he fails to apply a Debuff to his Opponent. Once his Outrage reaches a certain threshold he can activate IMPERIUS REX, granting him an instant burst of Power and allowing him to activate multiple special attacks back to back.

As a Mutant character class, Namor's basic abilities include IMPERIUS REX, Outrage, Fury, Stun, and Regeneration.


The Mutant King of Atlantis' kit includes three Specials and one Signature Ability. With his first Special, To the Point, Namor propels himself and his Trident forward in a violent whirlpool of waves, destroying everything in his path. Namor leaps into the air then lobs his Trident into the Earth, creating an explosive geyser of water before landing a final devastating blow on his bewildered Opponent with his second Special, Slam Dunk. Lastly, with Might of Neptune, Namor unleashes the full power of Neptune's Trident, summoning an ocean in places where oceans do not belong. Namor's Signature Ability is Hydrokinetic Armor, which protects his strikes from opponents who deal damage when struck by the Sub-Mariner.

Receive Synergy Bonuses when you use Kings of the World with Kingpin, Black Panther, and King Groot; Beach Bods with Drax, Beast, and Hulk; Tide to Go with Moon Knight; Romance LV. 3 with Invisible Woman; Enemies LV3. with Magneto; and Friends LV3 with Magneto.

Recommended masteries include Double Edge and Liquid Courage, Recoil, and Willpower.


Namor's strengths include the ability to generate Outrage whenever he fails to apply a Bleed or Stun Debuff on his Opponent, making him a great choice for any Bleed or Stun Immune Champion or Quest Path. All of his damage comes from entering and maintaining IMPERIUS REX for as long as possible. At max SIG, not only does Namor take no damage from thorns attacks, but he actually dishes it back out to his Opponent. However, his weakness is his inability to generate any Outrage when failing to bleed Robot Champions, making it very difficult for him to properly build up his Stacks of Outrage and enter IMPERIUS REX. He can use his Special 2's Stun Debuffs and his natural generation of Outrage to get there eventually, but the process will take much more time. Namor needs to watch out for any Power draining effects while IMPERIUS REX is active. IMPERIUS REX will see to it that Namor generates tons of Power instantly but while it’s active, if his Power runs out he needs to start from scratch.

Namor is available for downloading now on Marvel Contest of Champions on iOS and Android devices!

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