Published February 27, 2020

Piecing Together Marvel Puzzle Quest: Havok (Classic)

The 5-Star Rarity (Epic) Mutant is the latest to join the game!


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After reuniting with his older brother Scott and learning all about his family’s history, Alex Summers struggled to come to terms with his explosive mutant power: absorbing and reprojecting cosmic energy. 

Now a member of the X-Men, Alex increasingly finds himself taking on new challenges of both leadership and friendship. And, Havok is now the latest 5-Star Rarity (Epic) character to land in Marvel Puzzle Quest


The 5-Star Rarity (Epic) character with the affiliation Heroes and X-Men has a tool kit that includes Plasma Beam, Cry Havok, and Radiation Absorption

With Plasma Beam, a high-cost red power, Havok focuses burning-hot plasma at his enemy, melting through their defenses. Deals 3216 damage to the target, ignoring enemy Protect tiles and converting 1 Blue basic tile into a Blue Charged tile. (Max level 12925 damage). 


Using Cry Havok, a high-cost green power, Havok emits shockwaves of energy in all directions. Destroys up to 2 enemy Attack tiles, targeting Fortified tiles first, and deals 462 damage to the enemy team for each tile destroyed. Then, deals 678 damage to the enemy team. (Destroyed tiles don't deal additional damage or generate AP) (Max level 1858 damage per tile, 2726 damage to the enemy team). 


Havok channels the cosmic energy in his cells into an unstoppable blast with Radiation Absorption, a mid-cost blue power. Select either Red or Green. If Red is chosen, convert 2 Green AP to Red AP and deal 2550 damage to the target. If Green is chosen, convert 2 Red AP to Green AP and deal 1275 damage to the enemy team. (Max level - 10250 target damage, 5125 team damage). 


Recruit Havok between February 27, 2020 and March 2 during Infinite Pursuit in Placement rewards; between March 1 and March 6 with Hearts of Darkness in Progression rewards; between February 27 and  March 2  during in Placement rewards in Placement rewards; or in Wreak Havok running March 1 and March 4  during a NEW - 5-Star Versus Event

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