Published August 16, 2019

Piecing Together Marvel Puzzle Quest: Professor X (Classic)

Deploy the X-Men's best and brightest with the newest 5-Star in Marvel Puzzle Quest now!

MPQ Professor X

Channel Cerebro and give your allies an extra boost with Professor X (Classic) in Marvel Puzzle Quest. Recruit him into your roster now!

An extraordinary telepath and veteran of the Korean War, Professor Charles Xavier makes a shrewd leader. Keenly aware of human and mutant-kind's capacity for evil, he is willing to take an underhanded approach to instill peace between all.

MPQ Professor X

The 5-star Rarity has a tool kit that includes Signal Boost; To Me, My X-Men; and Xavier Protocols.

With the Passive Blue power, Signal Boost, Xavier channels Cerebro to give his allies an extra edge. Whenever you make a Match-4 or greater, deal damage and destroy an additional tile in that color.

Call upon other mutants with the mid-cost Purple power, To Me, My X-Men, which allows Xavier to chose a color and then add 3 basic tiles in that color to the board.

When you choose a Red basic tile, you call upon Wolverine, who rips the enemy to shreds, dealing damage.

MPQ Professor X

Call upon Storm when you choose a Black basic tile, allowing her to pelt the enemy with hailstones that convert 5 basic tiles into Attack tiles.


When you choose a Blue basic tile, you call upon Cyclops, who lets loose an optic blast, destroying the chosen tile's row and deals damage.


Call upon Rogue when you choose a Green basic tile and have her fly headlong into battle with a punch that deals damage to the enemy team.


Choosing a Purple basic tile calls in Jubilee, who unleashes a dramatic fireworks display to confuse her opponents, changing the color of 23 (40 at power level 5) tiles!


And when you choose a Yellow basic tile, call in Beast, who gives allies a burst of health.

And for Professor X's third ability, Xavier Protocols, a Passive Black power, allows Charles to take 12% less damage for each active X-Men member on his team and 10% less damage for each other active ally. Enemy powers cost 1 AP more for each active X-Men member on the Professor's team.

Profesor X (Classic) is available at increased odds for a special limited time. Recruit him with store offering Thick As Thieves, kicking off today, and with limited vault Charles Xavier and limited legendary store Higher Learning, both starting August 22. The Iso-8 story event starts on August 19. Don't miss out on The X-Men vs. Apocalypse alliance event on August 22!

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