Published February 25, 2022

X-Men Rogue and Gambit Make New Memories on the Fortnite Island

The Southern Belle and The Ragin' Cajun have arrived!

Though both once used their powers for evil, Anna Marie and Remy LeBeau began a path to redemption when they joined the X-Men. Known as Rogue and Gambit, these two X-Men continue their quest by fighting for good on the Fortnite Island!

X-Men Rogue and Gambit Make New Memories on the Fortnite Island

Feel the Love with the Rogue & Gambit Set

Rogue and Gambit are more than just colleagues — they’re a happily married couple. With the Rogue & Gambit Set items in the Item Shop, pick up not only their Outfits but also their accessories.

Fan of the X-Men’s southern belle Rogue? In addition to her Outfit, the following Rogue-themed accessories are available:


  • Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters Back Bling (included with the Outfit): Just the thing for repping some school spirit.
  • Holo X-Axe: Ripped right from the walls of the Danger Room.
  • The Blackbird Glider: Scott definitely knows we’re borrowing this…
  • Hands Off! Emote: Hands to yourself, sugah.


For followers of the "Ragin' Cajun," the Gambit Outfit is available alongside these Gambit-based accessories:


  • Kinetic Cards Back Bling (included with the Outfit): Playin' for keeps is still playin', mon ami.
  • LeBeau’s Bo Pickaxe: Swing on, mon cher.
  • Suit Surfer Glider: This Ace is wild.
  • Deal ‘Em Out Emote: The power ain’t in the cards, mon frère.


See the Hands Off! and Deal ‘Em Out Emotes in action before getting your hands on ‘em!

The Rogue Outfit (+ Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters Back Bling) and Gambit Outfit (+ Kinetic Cards Back Bling) are available individually or as part of the Rogue & Gambit Bundle. The Back Blings, Pickaxe, and Gliders, are available individually or as part of the Rogue & Gambit Gear Bundle.


Additionally, the Rogue & Gambit Bundle contains the Rogue & Gambit Loading Screen.

Find your favorite Duos partner and battle as Rogue & Gambit on the Island!


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