Published September 7, 2023

Hasbro Launches New HasLab Campaign For Giant-Man

Pym Labs partners with HasLab for the biggest Super Hero to hit the Marvel Legends Series.

haslab - giant man

The Avengers are celebrating their 60th anniversary with something big — even giant, you might say. 

Hasboro’s HasLab has partnered with Pym Labs to bring one of the original members of the first Avengers team to life with the latest crowdfunded project, Hank Pym as a 24-inch tall Giant-Man. Standing as the biggest addition to the Marvel Legends Series to date, Giant-Man has 91 total points of articulation, including 29 points in each hand, and comes with two alternate face places to display different facial expressions. Inspired by the classic Jack Kirby Giant-Man design in TALES TO ASTONISH #49 (1963), this item has an entirely new sculpt and premium deco. To really pop on your shelves, the figure has his iconic red and blue outfit, silver belt, and fine detailing designed to look like leather seams and spandex texture.


This crowdfunded project will run from September 8, 2023, to 11:59pm ET on October 23, 2023 and requires 10,000 backer orders to begin production. If successful, the project will begin shipping around Fall 2024. Orders beyond 10,000 will help unlock tiers that enhance your Giant-Man figure and display: 

  • 12,000 backers to unlock Giant-Man enhancement #1, a ghoulish display mode, inspired by the Marvel Zombies comics
  • 14,000 backers to unlock Giant-Man enhancement #2, an alternate head transforms figure into Skrull Giant-Man, inspired by the Secret Invasion comics story

Giant-Man is available for pre-order now at

Find more images of Giant-Man in the image gallery below! 


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