Published September 4, 2018

Hasbro Reveals Marvel Legends Figures for Weapon X, Guardian, and More at Fan Expo Canada

2019’s new Marvel Legends also include Wendigo as a Build-a-Figure and a Walgreens exclusive Mystique!

At Fan Expo Canada this past weekend, Hasbro revealed several upcoming Marvel Legends figures that will be exciting (or is that x-citing?) for fans of the X-Men and particularly for those intrigued by Wolverine and his notable history. 

First off, coming in 2019 will be a new Weapon X figure. The figure depicts James Howlett/Logan in the midst of the procedure that would give him his adamantium skeleton and claws -- and ultimately transform him into Wolverine -- as first seen in the classic Weapon X storyline in MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #72-#84

Marvel Legends Weapon X Figure

A character with a big connection to Logan in those early days is also getting the Marvel Legends treatment, via a new figure for Alpha Flight’s Guardian. 

Marvel Legends Guardian Figure

There will also be a new Build-a-Figure in 2019 for Wendigo, the savage creature who Wolverine fought in his memorable first appearance in INCREDIBLE HULK #181

Marvel Legends Wendigo Build-a-Figure

Lastly, there was a reveal at Fan Expo Canada for a new Marvel Legends Mystique figure on the way in 2019, which will be a Walgreens exclusive in the US. 

Marvel Legends Mystique Figure