Published September 14, 2022

Infinity Saga Relics Arrive at shopDisney

You, too, can be burdened with Loki's glorious purpose (and scepter).

If you’ve ever wanted to possess all of the Infinity Stones — without having to pull a Thanos and forcefully collect them over the span of a dozen movies — now is your chance. Thanks to shopDisney, soon you’ll be able to add all of them to your own collection, just don’t get any ideas about snapping…

Arriving over the course of the next few weeks, all five stones (minus the Soul Stone) and the Infinity Gauntlet will come to shopDisney, starting with the one that kicked everything off: the Tesseract. 

The full Infinity Saga Relics collection will include: 

  • Space Stone: The Tesseract — available now!
  • Mind Stone: Loki’s Sceptor — available now
  • Reality Stone: The Aether Container — available September 28
  • Power Stone: The Orb — available October 5
  • Tine Stone: The Eye of Agamotto — available October 12
  • All Infinity Stones: Nano Gauntlet  — available October 19
infinity stones
infinity stones
infinity stones

Head over to shopDisney now to snag the Tesseract, and be on the lookout for more Infinity Relics in the coming weeks! 



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