Published February 23, 2022

Marvel Must Haves Rewind: 'Loki'

Open for glorious purpose.


The God of Mischief is back…and he’s brought along multiple Gods of Mischief…and one Goddess…and also an alligator. Marvel Studios’ Loki introduced viewers to the idea of Variants, and no matter who Loki is, or what their goal is, trouble isn’t far off. Who knows what Loki (and the Lokis) will be up to in Season 2, because those new episodes are simply a glimmer far off on the timeline right now. In the meantime, there are plenty of brand new Loki items out there to shop right now! 

Whether you’re looking for the original Loki himself, Sylvie, Alligator Loki, or any single variety of them (or even all of them), there’s plenty of new merchandise to dive into and explore. And don’t forget Miss Minutes! Find everything in the image gallery below.  

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Alligator Loki Necklace / shop it here



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