Published February 9, 2022

Marvel Must Haves Rewind: WandaVision

See what's new in Westview!


Missing Westview? You don’t have to, because not only are all nine episodes of Marvel Studios’ WandaVision currently streaming exclusively on Disney+, but there’s more than enough new Wanda Maximoff and Vision merchandise to go around. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of Wanda’s chaos magic to your everyday life, or want to wear Vision’s sensibility on your sleeve, there’s something for everyone. 

Find new apparel and designs perfect for this time of year, whether you’re looking to get cozy in a Scarlet Witch hoodie or match with the Vision to your Wanda, or vice versa. Then pair any outfit with new WandaVision mix-and-match earrings, featuring logos and symbols from the show — and don’t forget to add some pins! 

Plus, find brand new Funko mini moments (celebrating each episode and decade, with more coming soon!), a comfy blanket, accessories, and a record perfect to add to any vinyl collection!

Shop the new WandaVision items in the gallery below! Want to shop the whole series? Explore Season 1 of WandaVision

Looking for more WandaVision? Follow @WandaVision on Twitter, WandaVisionOfficial on Facebook, and WandaVision on Instagram! 

Scarlet Witch Dress / shop it here


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