Published June 15, 2021

Shop Marvel Must Haves: Loki, The God of Mischief

He's burdened with glorious items.


Loki’s back! And he’s Loki like you’ve never seen before! Because he’s now working with the Time Variance Authority, a previously unknown organization because they only step in when the proper flow of time on the Scared Timeline is disrupted! And well, yeah you could say Loki picking up the Tesseract and escaping from the Avengers certainly caused some complications…

In Marvel Studios’ Loki, we find the God of Mischief in a brand new setting with brand new people and he — for maybe the first time ever — is forced to play nice because his magic doesn’t work here. Welcome to the TVA, y’all! 

Whether you’re looking for Loki t-shirts, Loki accessories, or Loki home goods, there’s something for every Loki- er, everyone! Plus, you never know what Loki items might pop up on the timeline next — so stay tuned for more! 

Find Loki items in the gallery below!

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