Published May 17, 2021

Shop Marvel Must Haves: The Women of Westview

More Wanda, Monica, and Agatha coming your way!


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Home is where you make it, and for  Wanda Maximoff that place is Westview, New Jersey! But, she’s not the only girl in town — let alone the only magical one! 

If you’re longing for a trip back to quieter times with Wanda, the latest Marvel Must Haves roundup featuring items from Marvel Studios' WandaVision for you. And, not only are we diving into more Wanda items, but Agatha Harkness and Moncia Rambeau, too. The more magical girls the better, you know? (Even though Monica’s powers aren’t necessarily magic and are still very undefined, but that’s a story for another day…) 

Whether you’re looking for more t-shirts featuring one of these three ladies, accessories, or even another Funko Pop to add to your collection, there’s something for everyone in the latest roundup! Dive into all the items in the image gallery below.

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