Published September 3, 2021

Shop Marvel Must Haves: 'What If...?' Episode 4

There's one thing Doctor Strange can't fix.

doctor strange

What if...there were more Marvel Must Haves? The latest show from Marvel Studios is here, What If…? and it’s asking you to ponder the tough questions. Alongside The Watcher, the animated series explores a multiverse of infinite possibilities and features fan-favorite characters where a single choice can branch out creating alternate worlds from the ones we know. Each week, we’ll bring you brand new apparel, accessories, toys, and more based on and inspired by the show, and don’t forget to share what you must have on social with #MarvelMustHaves!

What if instead of losing the use of his hands in a tragic accident, Stephen Strange lost his heart? But we're not talking about his physical heart, but rather his emotional one — Christine Palmer. Episode 4 of Marvel Studios’ What If…?  gives us that question to ponder, as Doctor Strange, turning to the mystic arts, tries to undo what has happened with even more dire consequences this time. 

The latest batch of Marvel Must Haves dives into the new look for the character, giving us a look at Doctor Strange Supreme. Explore all the new products in the gallery below, and be sure to check back for more exciting characters out of the multiverse! 

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