Published January 27, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming Toys Revealed

Preview the Hasbro toys based off the upcoming film!

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Preview the upcoming toys from Hasbro based off the highly anticipated film ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming.’ All will be available at most major retailers and on


‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ 6-Inch Figure Assortment

Imagine swinging into action and soaring through the skies with ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ figures. Featuring movie-inspired deco and design, these 6-inch scale figures let kids recreate the super showdowns between some of their favorite characters including Spider-Man, Vulture, and more! Fans can collect up to 6 new figures. Each figure sold separately. Available at most major retailers and on


‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Marvel’s Vulture Attack Set

Help Spider-Man defeat Vulture in a Queens, New York street scene playset inspired by ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming!’ Featuring two different mechanisms that heighten figure play, this playset, measuring in at over 20 inches tall, lets kids position the 6-inch Vulture figure in a variety of poses, and set him up on any of the set’s multiple levels. Position figure in included web, then pull back, and watch it fly!


‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ 6-Inch Feature Figure Assortment

Show off Spider-Man and Vulture’s signature moves with these 6-inch scale figures! Squeeze Vulture’s legs to unleash his wings and prepare to take flight, or squeeze Spider-Man’s legs to activate quick, light-up, web-slinging action like in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming.’ Each figure sold separately. Spider-Man requires two batteries, included.


‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Spider Racer Vehicle

Zoom around the city fighting crime with Spider-Man with the movie-inspired Spider Racer vehicle! Kids can place the 6-inch scale Spider-Man figure into the front seat and blast enemies with Nerf web darts! Includes two Nerf darts.



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