Published October 29, 2021

Marvel Zombies Continue Their Invasion on VeVe with Zombie Captain America and Zombie Hunter Spider-Man

Two drops inspired by Marvel Studios' 'What If...?' are coming your way this Saturday, October 30!

What If... we told you the Marvel Zombie invasion shows no signs of stopping on VeVe?

Inspired by Marvel Studios' What If...?, get ready for two drops this Saturday, October 30, on the VeVe app! Zombie Hunter Spider-Man arrives on the scene starting at 8am PT, with Zombie Captain America terrorizing VeVe starting at 12pm PT.

After a virus escapes the confines of the quantum realm through Janet Van Dyne, the earth is catapulted into a worldwide zombie apocalypse where even The Avengers have been infected. From the fifth episode of What If…?, we delve into this alternate reality where a small band of heroes attempt to save the world, or rather what’s left of it, when disaster strikes.

Both Modern Marvel Series 5 — Zombie Hunter Spider-Man and Zombie Captain America will feature two digital collectible statues, sold in the blind box format, for $50.

  • COMMON — Zombie Hunter Spider-Man #1
  • ULTRA RARE — Zombie Hunter Spider-Man #2
  • COMMON — Zombie Captain America #1
  • ULTRA RARE — Zombie Captain America #2

8am PT — COMMON — Zombie Hunter Spider-Man #1

COMMON — Zombie Hunter Spider-Man #1

Price: $50.00
Format: Blind Box

So, you want to survive the zombie apocalypse? Enter Zombie Hunter Spider-Man! …You watched his orientation video, right? 

8am PT — ULTRA RARE — Zombie Hunter Spider-Man #2

ULTRA RARE — Zombie Hunter Spider-Man #2

Price: $50.00
Format: Blind Box

Armed with the Cloak of Levitation, Zombie Hunter Spider-Man leaps into action to find the cure for the virus. 

12pm PT — COMMON — Zombie Captain America #1

COMMON — Zombie Captain America #1

Price: $50.00
Format: Blind Box

After trying to save the day when the virus initially breaks out, The first Avenger becomes infected! 

12pm PT — ULTRA RARE — Zombie Captain America #2

ULTRA RARE — Zombie Captain America #2

Price: $50.00
Format: Blind Box

Sorry, pal. I guess this is the end of the line. 

Marvel Studios' What If...? is now streaming exclusively on Disney+!

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