Published December 28, 2022

2022 Year In Review: Favorite MCU Moment


2022 had it all: dreamwalking, AvengerCon, the return of Mjölnir, K.E.V.I.N., Kevin Bacon, Ted, a special appearance by Black Bolt, mutations, turning back the night sky, Madisynn, a trip to Talokan, twerking, Miek in a suit, lentil soup, NDAs, and so, so much more. Where to even begin?

As we wind down with 2022 and get ready for 2023, it’s time to recap what were some of our favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe moments here at Marvel, because there is no moment too big or too small. While we love them all, here are some things that really stood out this past year:

Moon Knight

I've always been interested in ancient Egyptian history and culture, and Moon Knight is such a great character with layers and layers to unpack that it was the perfect combination for the series. I really look forward to seeing what's next for Moon Knight in the MCU! - Stephen Fiore, Senior Digital Designer

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

My favorite MCU moment of the year has to be the scary chase scene with Wanda. It was a perfect marriage of unhinged Wanda and Sam Raimi horror. - Lorraine Cink, Director of Creative Content

Seeing Wanda's breakdown because she lost everyone she truly loves - it gives this tragic backstory that makes me love her character even more. - Jennifer Ng, Audience Development & Analytics Coordinator

Dead Strange, and that whole dreamwalking sequence, was just so creepy, so weird, and so, so cool. Plus, the whole Doctor Strange versus “Sinister” Strange battle. When you’re playing within the deteriorating fabric of reality, of course, you’d fight each other with enchanted music notes and just tear the walls down. I love how the magic, and breaking the rules of that magic, was showcased in their big scene. - Robyn Belt, Mgr Content Editorial Marvel Unlimited

Although it was unfortunate that the Illuminati met their demise so quickly, it gave the fans a glimpse into what alternate multiverse characters could look like and what types of stories could be told. - Peter Rosas, Senior Development Manager

There's no better way to introduce the Illuminati to the MCU than showing their hubris immediately becomes their own undoing. Very on-brand!! - Brendon Bigley, Senior Manager of Distribution

The unexpected moments are the ones that stick with you.  Seeing the Illuminati crew show up was a real goosebumps moment - Mark Basso, Editor

Ms. Marvel

*puts on fake mustache over real mustache and sunglasses and wig* I'm definitely not Ryan and definitely unbiased and just thought, "Wow, that's some good cameo right there." - Ryan Penagos, Vice President & Creative Executive

Getting even the tiniest hint of what's to come with that music cue at the end made me audibly yelp when it happened. - Ron Richards, Vice President Planning and Platforms

I have watched, and rewatched the ending of Ms. Marvel so many times I have it attributed to memory. It's such a major moment for Kamala — and viewers — and I love that she is completely unbothered by this revelation. She doesn't even know what having a mutation means! - Rachel Paige, Editor

Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor has battled uber-powerful Super Villains during his tenure in the MCU, but nothing puts him in his place quite like his adopted daughter screaming at him, “go to hell, demon!” - which is incredibly satisfying to watch. - Andrea Lans, Associate Manager, Social Media

I was thrilled to see Thor, Jane, and Valkyrie's battle against Gorr in the Shadow Realm. The scene reminded me of an old monster movie, with its claymation-like movements and black-and-white aesthetic. And what a brilliant use of color! The scene really felt like a comic book made flesh. - Meagan Damore, Associate Editor,

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

Captain America f-!!!!! I love seeing that the MCU can still surprise us and be silly! - Isabel Robertson, Associate Podcast Producer

I was a huge fan of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil so I was overjoyed to see him back in the suit on She-Hulk this year. From their banter to their flirting to their having to work around each other's unique fighting styles, Matt and Jen's chemistry was infectious and delightful. I hope we see more with the two of them in 2023 and beyond! - Zachary Schechter, Proofreader

No one, not even She-Hulk herself is immune to signing an NDA. - Haley Conatser, Associate Manager, Content Distribution

I loved how meta the show was and how it broke down walls (literally) to bring a fresh, funny, and thought-provoking finale! - Brian Marquez, Associate Manager, Product Development - Marvel Games

Werewolf by Night

I don't want to spoil anything for folks who're still catching up, but after the final scene of Werewolf By Night,  I cannot wait for a Marvel horror buddy comedy. - Eric Grundhauser, Programming Manager

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Namor is one of marvel's oldest characters, and to reenvision the character and society as one of ancient Mesoamerican culture is not only clever but also insanely refreshing. it works so well on so many levels and delivers some of the best Latinx representation, not to mention the richest villain (hero??), we've seen in the MCU. - Jasmine Estrada, Audio Producer

I love big action sequences but the quiet, tender, and heartfelt moments in the MCU like Queen Ramonda and Shuri’s conversation are so special and stand out to me! Their short interaction touching on grief, anger, healing, and Ramonda’s wisdom, patience, and grace with a conflicted Shuri coupled with the Ludwig Göransson music has me cutting onions just recalling the scene! - Eun Jeong, Associate Manager, Business Development

The entirety of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever being a tribute to one of the greatest actors and human beings from my generation stuck with me profoundly. Chadwick Boseman’s legacy is in the best hands with the powerful women of Wakanda leading the way. - Eric Monacelli, Senior Director, Product and Franchise Development

Namor coming out of the water to chat with Shuri and Ramonda was just so epic. There are moments in the MCU where you can tell something big is coming, and this was definitely one. Namor is such a force, and you could really feel that in his introduction.- Erin Kaswan, Content Distribution Coordinator

NAMOR FIGHTING JETS!  Those damned little awesome ankle wings make my heart leap! - Nick Lowe, Spider-Editor

The incredible fight choreography, amazing reveals, and stellar performances…what really elevates Black Panther is tying those elements together in a film that’s core premise about grief and healing is explored so beautifully. Because it is built on that firm and incredibly tangible foundation, Black Panther was able to rise to heights we had not previously seen in the MCU. - Kaeden McGahey, Assistant Editor

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

Mantis is my favorite member of the Guardians (next to Groot, of course, but that's given)—so it was awesome getting to see her go through her own journey in the Holiday Special this year. She's a character that gives so much and to see her grow in her friendship with Drax and receive that care in return from the rest of her friends and team made me feel all the holiday warm and fuzzies. (Also: Cosmo! The latest very good dog in the MCU!) - Faith D'Isa, Assistant Manager, Audience Development

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