Published January 8, 2019

Brie Larson Reveals Intense Super Hero Training for Marvel Studios’ ‘Captain Marvel’ in New Featurette

Earth needs heroes; we need her.


As seen in last night’s special look, we witnessed Jude Law’s Starforce Commander putting Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers into heavy, intense training as well as her grueling military training on Earth.

There will be no shortage of action sequences in Marvel Studios’ “Captain Marvel” when it lands in theaters March 8. A lot of that is thanks to Brie Larson. “It’s a lot, a lot of work,” said film director Anna Boden. “[Brie] brings so much of that to the role. It’s pretty awesome.”

In a new featurette, seen above, Larson talks about the training she endured on her journey to embody Carol Danvers. Larson had already been training for the role for nine months prior to start of production.


“The thing that I found so unique about this character was that sense of humor mixed with total capability and whatever challenge comes her way,” said Larson. “Which I realized after going to the Air Force base is really what Air Force pilots are like.”


We’re not the only one impressed. In a set visit last spring, co-star Samuel L. Jackson proudly showed off to reporters a personal video of Larson pushing a Jeep uphill under her own feat of strength—no CGI or stunt team involved.

In her words, “[Carol] can move planets; the least I could do is move a car.”

See Carol Danvers take flight when Marvel Studios’ “Captain Marvel” hits theaters March 8. Get tickets on Fandango now:

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