Published October 27, 2021

Experience the World of Eternals by Stepping Inside the Film with Sprite

Download the 'Eternals: AR Story Experience' app now for FREE!

History is not as you know it...

Experience the world of Marvel Studios' Eternals by stepping inside the film and meet the Marvel Cinematic Universe's newest heroes — with Sprite, an Eternal, as your guide in Marvel Studios' Eternals: AR Story Experience!

Go on an epic Augmented Reality adventure through time and space to discover the truth about humanity. Travel back in time to see why the Eternals have been on Earth for thousands of years, operating from the shadows. Be sure to watch till the end...for a big reveal!

And that's not all. Discover secrets about the Eternals. Witness their cosmic powers firsthand — as you bring them to life in AR. Bring the world of the Eternals into your space, and walk among the heroes, in Marvel Studios' first Immersive Story Experience. This mini prequel lets you explore the story like never before and become a part of the action.

Check out Marvel Studios’ Eternals: AR Story Experience, before you watch the film in theaters. The free iOS-exclusive mobile app is available globally, on your iPhone and iPad. Download Now!

Marvel Studios’ Eternals opens in theaters this November 5, 2021! Get tickets now!

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