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Published November 20, 2019

7 Reasons You Need to Be Watching 'Agent Carter' on Disney+

Peggy Carter knows her value!

With a giant Disney catalog now at our fingertips with the release if Disney+, it’s time to dive into some shows you might have never seen —  or even some shows you watched, loved, and now need a reason to-rewatch. A perfect candidate for your next binge should be Agent Carter, which ran for two seasons on ABC between 2015 and 2016, and dived into Agent Peggy Carter’s story after the events of Marvel Studios’ Captain America: The First Avenger

We all know that Steve Rogers went into the ice, and seventy years later he came out of it to find a whole new world. But what about Peggy? We know — thanks to the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — that Peggy would go on to later be one of the founding members of S.H.I.E.L.D. But before even that, she had to work her way up through the ranks at the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR), while also trying to balance life in the 1940s as a single woman in New York City, and later Los Angeles. 

With only 18 episodes in total, Agent Carter is a perfect weekend binge, and here are just a few reasons it should be added to your queue ASAP.

Agent Carter

Peggy’s World Was Expanded 

When the show premiered in 2015, Atwell had already popped up in a few other Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies, but none of them really dived into Peggy’s own story. With Agent Carter, we were now seeing her live and work day to day in the city, rounding out the character so much more. 

Captain America isn’t there, but he’s still always there

Though Cap is gone (he’s currently in the ice), he is still very much felt throughout the whole series, especially the first season. Peggy tries to grapple with her feelings about him, and the fact that they never got their dance together. However, she finally lets him go — like, literally, lets him go — after a vial of his blood turns up and it could be used for more super serum in "The Blitzkrieg Button." Peggy decides not to keep it (and further, no one else should be able to use it), instead tosses the vial into the water. She's finally accepted this loss and she's moving on with her life. 

The 1940s costumes 

There’s a reason you constantly see Peggy Carter cosplay at conventions across the world because her looks from the show are amazing. The first episode of the series sets the bar really high with Peggy’s now-iconic blue skirt and blazer, with accompanying red hat. From there her costumes only got better (and we wanted them more), as Peggy also donned pants a few times, too — something unheard of for women at the time! Which Peggy look is your favorite?

Agent Carter

The Musical Episode

Yes, one episode has Peggy singing and dancing — really! "A Little Song and Dance” featured an extended musical number featuring all the starts of the show as they sing and dance through one of Peggy’s dream sequences. We've seen some Avengers dance a little bit over the years, but never quite like this! 

A happy ending — and a cliffhanger

Thanks to the Simihosian Exhibit about Captain American in Marvel Studios’ Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we know that after Steve, Peggy still lived a full life. She got married and had kids, and Agent Carter very much hints at this happy ending for her with Agent Daniel Sosa (Enver Gjokaj). The final episode of the series shows the two of them finally happy together, certainly leading viewers to believe that this is Peggy’s future husband. If Peggy’s happy, we’re happy! 

But, the final episode also ended on a cliffhanger as Agent Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) is shot by an unseen person in the closing moments of the series. Did he survive? Who shot him? Can Peggy get to the bottom of it?? Unfortunately, those are all unanswered questions. 

Peggy’s story still isn’t over! 

Even though Agent Carter went off the air in 2016, Peggy still left her footprint all over the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — including Marvel Studios’ Avengers Endgame! While we actually saw the end of her life (and funeral) in Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Civil War, she got another happy ending with Steve after he went back in time to replace all of the Infinity Stones. 

Peggy knows her value 

Peggy’s most iconic character line didn’t happen in the MCU, it happened on the show! The final episode of Season 1, "Valediction," has Peggy saving New York City, but in the end, it’s her boss Thompson who gets all the credit for it. Sousa is ready to fight for Peggy’s recognition, but she explains that she doesn’t need it saying, “I know my value, anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.” It’s a mantra that’s perfect for the character because Peggy knows what she’s capable of — and she’s darn good at it! 

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