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Published December 20, 2018

'Marvel's Runaways' Season 2 Primer — Where We Left Off: Pride

Season 2 of 'Marvel's Runaways' premieres December 21, exclusively on Hulu!

Marvel's Runaways - Pride and Jonah

With the second season of "Marvel’s Runaways" premiering on Hulu December 21, the parents and kids have drawn sides. While the Runaways have become a united front against their parents, Pride looks to be in shambles with allegiances changing faster than Molly Hernandez falling asleep after lifting a car. Here’s where we left off with Pride at the end of Season 1.

Catherine & Geoffrey Wilder

Marvel's Runaways - Catherine & Geoffrey Wilder

After brokering a deal with Pride’s benefactor Jonah while serving time in prison, Geoffrey Wilder’s construction company would go on to house the location for what Jonah has convinced them is a renewable energy source. Geoffrey and his wife Catherine also have Pride’s secret chamber hidden in the depths of their Brentwood home. While attempting one of their “sacrifices” with their fellow Pride members, they were discovered by their son Alex and his friends. After the confrontation with the Pride’s children at the construction site, and learning that Jonah has been lying to them, the Wilders have left Pride and are focusing solely on bringing Alex back home, no matter the cost.

Leslie & Frank Dean

Marvel's Runaways - Leslie Dean

The head and face of the Church of Gibborim, respectively, the Deans are constantly at odds as to what their exact roles within the church should be. Their relationship reached its breaking point when Jonah revealed he was Karolina’s biological father, and that she shares his strange abilities. Ultimately, Frank decided to become Jonah’s disciple, while Leslie, who had been responsible for countless deaths in Jonah’s name (including Molly’s biological parents), realized Jonah had been using her. She then convinced most of the other parents to join her to kill Jonah.

Janet & Victor Stein

Marvel's Runaways - Janet & Victor Stein

A technological genius, Victor Stein is also an abusive father and husband. This abuse has made his son Chase afraid of him and driven Janet into the arms of another man, Robert Minoru. After revealing to Chase that he has a brain tumor, the father and son attempt to mend their relationship and built Chase’s Fistigons together. During a fundraiser, the pain from the tumor was too much, and Victor collapsed. Jonah gives him a serum that not only helped with the pain but temporarily put Victor into a state of euphoria, changing his attitude both towards life and his family. Once the serum wore off, Victor reverted to his old self and almost killed Chase, only to be shot by Janet. While Janet is trying to prove her worth to the rest of Pride, Victor is currently kept in stasis until Jonah and Frank can find a suitable sacrifice to revive him.

Stacey & Dale Yorkes

Marvel's Runaways - Stacey & Dale Yorkes

As much as they try to be the “doting parents” and have a distaste for the Pride’s darker actions, the Yorkes are still responsible for as many deaths as the rest of Pride. Brilliant bioengineers, the Yorkes genetically engineered a real-life dinosaur with whom their daughter, Gert, shares a mysterious psychic link. As best friends with Gene and Alice Hernandez, Stacey and Dale took their daughter Molly in after Gene and Alice died in an “accidental fire.” After the battle at the construction site, the Yokes joined Leslie in her plan to kill Jonah.

Tina & Robert Minoru

Marvel's Runaways - Tina & Robert Minoru

As owners of the tech company Wizard, Tina and Robert oversee security for Pride, while Tina is also the master of the Staff of One. After the apparent suicide of their daughter, Amy, the Minorus grew apart and Tina became extremely controlling, especially when it came to their surviving daughter, Nico. Robert, feeling as though the love from their marriage was wholly gone, began an affair with Janet Stein. Because the Staff of One only works for someone with Tina’s DNA, Nico, who discovered the Staff, turned out to be the only other person who could successfully wield it and took it for herself. After the battle at the construction site, Tina once again has possession of the Staff and has reconciled with Robert, however strained that may be. If they want to find Nico, as well as get revenge on Jonah – now revealed to be behind Amy’s death – they may have to put their differences aside.


Marvel's Runaways - Jonah

The billionaire benefactor of the Church of Gibborim, as well as the secret leader of Pride, Jonah is Karolina’s biological father and possesses all of her superhuman abilities but at a much higher level. He is seemingly immortal but can only maintain a healthy appearance by absorbing the energy of a human “sacrifice,” which he blackmails the members of Pride into committing periodically over the course of 15 years.

The end of Season 1 found Pride finally conspiring against him, with only Frank Dean by his side. His next goal is to locate another sacrifice to revive the comatose Victor Stein, the tech genius who has the only mind smart enough to help contain whatever lurks beneath the Wilder construction site.

Season 2 of "Marvel's Runaways" premieres Friday, December 21, exclusively on Hulu. You can watch Season 1 now.

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