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Published January 7, 2019

Rhenzy Feliz and Gregg Sulkin Reveal The Complicated Connections of 'Marvel's Runaways' Season 2

The actors share the importance of relationships between fathers and sons.

NOTE: If you haven't watched Season 2 of "Marvel's Runaways," there are unfiltered SPOILERS ahead! 

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The Marvel After Show: "Marvel's Runaways" Season 2, the official companion podcast, takes a deep dive into the hit Hulu series and helps you find out more about the episodes and your favorite characters!

While one child has a perfect father-son relationship, the other’s more distant and mysterious—both of these situations start to show cracks in the armor—but to what degree? On Episode 5 "On Fathers & Sons," hosts Lorraine Cink and Angélique Roché talk with Rhenzy Feliz (Alex Wilder) and Gregg Sulkin (Chase Stein) about unraveling the mysteries of their characters' fathers’ pasts and how that might affect their futures as they choose to follow or deviate from their footsteps.

The Marvel After Show - Gregg Sulkin and Rhenzy Feliz

Feliz and Sulkin discussed how the constant battle between father and son is mental and even physical, and the actors used the emotional strength from their own personal lives to help tell the story. The respect off-screen translated to the small screen, as the kids and the parents were there for each other as a cast.

The actors talked about everything from their own family advice to fighting with Fistigons, to the most complicated scene of all—getting your dance moves right for the big Quinceañera scene.

Listen to The Marvel After Show podcastabove, to hear more about the intense father-son relationships on “Marvel’s Runaways." All nine episodes of the official companion podcast, packed with character deep dives, behind-the-scenes secrets, and a look at how the new season relates to the real world, is available for download at, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and your favorite podcast app.

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