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Published August 25, 2022

‘She-Hulk’: Episode 2 — Jennifer Walters vs. GLK&H

"It does feel like a weight has been lifted. But like, there’s this new weight."

nikki and she-hulk episode 2

According to news reports, this super-strong green woman in court — identified as Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Walters — turned into a “Chick-Hulk.” Scratch that, she turned into a She-Hulk.

Remember how Jen's cousin, Bruce Banner, said you can’t pick what name the public gives you? Well, Jen is learning that first hand and cannot believe “She-Hulk” is what everyone is going with.

Lady Hulk? Girl Hulk? Outside the Legal Ease bar (get it, GET IT?), Jen’s best friend and paralegal Nikki Ramos stands with her as they listen to the chants of She-Hulk! deep inside. After some coaxing, Jen transforms into She-Hulk and enters the bar to screams and cheers of excitement. But, per Jen, this name better not stick.

Dennis, one of Jen’s colleagues, comes over and immediately starts to question her whole She-Hulk shtick. How did she even become a Hulk? Was it nepotism? Nikki doesn’t care though, and is excited that people at the bar are buying them drinks because Jen’s now a Super Hero! However, this is the last thing Jen ever wanted. She didn’t go to law school and rack up a ton of student loan debt for this.

During the excitement, Jen’s boss comes over to talk to her and since this is a serious matter, asks her to go back to her regular state (which would be fine, except that Jen’s feeling a “different metabolism” as soon as she returns back to her regular Jen form and starts slurring her speech and rambling). But, important matters. The opposing team in court, GLK&H, thought it was unfair that Jen saved the entire jury so obviously they were biased and had the whole thing declared a mistrial. This is too much for her law firm, which unfortunately has to let her go. She-Hulk is a liability to the DA’s office.

Time for a montage, as Jen applies to every legal job under the sun, and is rejected from all of them. No one wants to hire her knowing that she’s a Hulk. Needless to say, Jen is pretty upset about this and starts thinking about a completely different career move.

Making matters worse, it’s time for a family dinner at her parent’s house. Arriving home, Jen’s greeted by her parents Elaine and Morris — and don’t worry, Morris already told everyone that Jen was fired so she doesn’t have to explain to everyone, and no one is going to bring it up. Except for Ched, who immediately mentions that she was fired. Additionally, Elaine is handing out Jen’s phone number to random people on the street because they want to be Super Heroes, too. Maybe Jen can help them…?

Sensing she’s overwhelmed, Morris pulls Jen aside to check in on her. He reminds her that she’s not the first Hulk in the family and besides, she didn’t destroy a city (ahem, Bruce) so everything’s not that bad. Things could always be worse! Jen tries to see his optimism, but it’s hard. “It does feel like a weight has been lifted. But like, there’s this new weight,” She tells her dad.

Over at Legal Ease, Jen is trying to ball on a budget when Mr. Holloway, from GLK&H, arrives. Cutting right to the chase, he offers her a job. Is this a joke? It’s not. Holliway wants Jen to head up a new division and she doesn’t even think twice about it. Yes. Her only condition is that she wants to hire her own paralegal (Nikki, duh).

Well, that was easy.

Monday morning Jen shows up at the office and is greeted by Holliway in the lobby. He’s thrilled she’s here, and they’ve just started a brand new Super Human Law Division and Jen’s going to be the face of it — actually, She-Hulk is going to be the face of it. Holliway wants Jen to show up to the office and court as She-Hulk. And he wants her to start right now.

“Is this why they hired me?? Ok, this sucks,” Jen tells us. “I am totally qualified but now everyone around here is going to think this is the only reason I got the job.”

Hey, at least she gets a super cushy corner office and finds Nikki waiting inside. Nikki immediately questions the She-Hulk look but she doesn’t care. Look at the corner office!! Look at the big windows and stocked fridge and desk! It’s a very fancy desk. Jen isn’t sold on this. She doesn’t want to come to work as She-Hulk and now has to buy an entirely new wardrobe! Uggghhhh…. but there’s a knock on her office door and a colleague, Augustus "Pug" Pugliese enters with a welcome basket for her. He’s included office supplies and also the best places to poop in the office (very important).

Now as for Jen’s first client, Holliway has a bombshell for her: she’s going to take on Emil Blonsky. Yes, that guy. Abomination — remember him? Jen immediately raises a red flag, explaining that way back when Emil tried to kill Bruce, but Holliway doesn’t care. Emil has already signed a conflict waiver and wants Jen to do it.

So, off to a Department of Damage Control supermax prison facility, it is — Jen shows up as She-Hulk, and is quickly informed that there are no superpowers allowed inside so she transforms back.

Down some scary, dark, and heavily guarded areas Jen is escorted to Emil’s location. They have pulled out every stop to keep Emil completely locked away and Jen emotionally prepares for the worst. Instead, what she finds is someone who loves to wear sandals and meditate. He’s completely transformed himself physically and spiritually. Namaste, Emil.

But, let’s talk business. Emil knows he tried to kill The Hulk once upon a time and explains it wasn’t personal. He blames the Super Soldier Serum he was full of on the rampage through Brooklyn, and this is news to Jen. Even though Emil is clearly upset about what he did, the parole board needs to know he’s a changed man through and through before they even consider release. Emil just wants to live in peace and live on a large property purchased for him by his seven soul mates that he met through a prison pen pal program. How romantic!

Back at home, Jen ponders what to do. So, she calls Bruce who’s still transformed as Hulk. Jen rambles on about not being sure she wants to take on Emil, and wants to know if Bruce is okay with this? She couldn’t do it without talking to him first, and Bruce is always saying that everyone deserves and a second chance, and Emil does seem like a reformed person. Cutting her off, Bruce is a-ok with this, and even got a nice letter and haiku from Emil a while back, and besides, their fight was so many years ago and Bruce is a completely different person now, literally!

Now, any chance we’ll see Bruce in LA anytime soon for the next family dinner? Eh, not likely. He’s currently in space.

Jen calls Holliway and formally accepts the offer to take on Emil’s case. Good news! And that’s followed by bad news as Jen turns on the TV to see the top story of the night is all about how Emil escaped prison to fight Wong in Xialing’s fight club.

Turning to us, Jen deadpans, “Oh. That sucks.”

Know what Jen’s super strength is good for? Chores around the house. First, it’s fixing the car, then it’s remounting the TV on the wall, and then it’s carrying in half a dozen bottles of water. She’s really happy her dad is staying hydrated but this might be too much.

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