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Published June 28, 2019

Witness the Team's Reception to Sarge in New 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

A new episode airs tonight, Friday, June 28 at 8p/7c on ABC! Anthony Michael Hall guests!

That's not Coulson, and don't you forget it!

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns with a brand new episode tonight and the team has Sarge, and Snowflake, in their custody.

With Daisy, Piper, and Davis back on Earth, the entire team meets Sarge, who exactly isn't eliciting the confidence and unity of their late director despite sharing his identical DNA. The team tries to understand the immediate threat heading to Earth, and it appears that Sarge is the only lead they have to unlocking the mystery.

While May believes they're all fighting on the same side, the rest of the team are slow to warm on the intergalactic stranger. Sarge's bedside manner isn't necessarily endearing. The Shrikes, which resulted in the loss of the late Agent Keller, are live entities that infest their hosts and result in the destruction of worlds. While Sarge and his crew have been hunting Shrikes for hundreds of years, they still haven't been able to prevent the mass destruction they leave in their wake. The key is to find the Shrike's creator. However, Mack is not about to let Sarge burn Earth into the ground to stop the Skrikes and their creator.

Meanwhile, FitzSimmons managed to escape their mind prison and personal demons Atarah and the Chronicom hunters thanks to Enoch in last week's episode. Where they escape to is the last place they wanted to return to — Kitson Casino. Get ready to meet the Kitson Casino on the Planet of Kitson name, Mr. Kitson, the fiendish ruler of an alien empire, played by Anthony Michael Hall!

Sarge's confident he'll be the one in charge by the end of the day. Tune in tonight to see how correct, or close, he is, and what lies ahead for the newly reunited FitzSimmons!

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