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Published January 18, 2021

‘WandaVision’: Exploring Our Favorite Moments in Episode 1

The new Marvel Studios series is now streaming on Disney+!

Welcome to Westview, the new home of Wanda Maximoff and Vision! They sure are an unusual couple — and might soon begin to suspect that everything is not what it seems. With the start of Marvel Studios’ WandaVision, Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in full swing, and in this case, black and white!

Episode 1 of the new Disney+ series kicks off with Wanda and Vision living in domestic bliss — he’s off to work, and she’s going to tidy up the kitchen! The two then notice a marker on the calendar signifying that something is going on today, but what? Vision deduces that it’s his boss and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Hart, coming over for dinner; Wanda believes that the date on the calendar is their anniversary.

What happens next? If you guessed Vision singing, flying lobsters, and breakfast for dinner, you're right!

Stream Episode 1 of WandaVision now on Disney+, and read on to find out some of our favorite moments!


A musical intro

This newlywed couple just moved to town, they’re a regular husband and wife! Or, at least that’s what the opening title sequence for WandaVision tells sings to us. But this couple is anything other than regular, as instead of carrying Wanda over the door threshold, Vision walks right through leaving Wanda behind. Whoops!

Wanda’s welcome

Some people shake hands, others kiss on both cheeks, and if you’ve ever wondered what the traditional greeting of “hello!” is in Sokovia, it’s sneaking up behind someone and putting your hands over their eyes. Oh, never heard of this? That’s because Vision makes it up on the spot in hopes of distracting Mr. and Mrs. Hart. However, the distraction works a little too well, as Mrs. Hart uses it herself when it’s time to say goodbye to the hosts.

Vision carries a tune

We’ve never known the synthezoid to break out into song before, but there’s a first time for everything. After hearing the 1958 “Yakety Yak” on the radio at work, Vision sings it for Mr. and Mrs. Hart as a diversion. All along we knew Vision had an assortment of cosmic powers at his fingertips, but who would have guessed singing was one of them?

Agnes to the rescue

Where’s a good neighbor when you need one? Not only does Agnes welcome Wanda to Westview with open arms, she also proves that she’s a good ally in a tight squeeze. When Wanda realizes that she’s got to make dinner at the last second, Agnes swoops into help! Because how can you call yourself a housewife if you don’t have all the fixings for a 7-course meal hanging around in your kitchen for a time like this?

Breakfast for dinner

Don’t sleep on eating toast, scrambled eggs, and sausage for dinner next time you're headed to the kitchen after work. That’s what Wanda whips up at the last second and it goes over incredibly well, even though it’s simply passed off as an “European” affair. You can’t go wrong with a hearty meal like that.

Wedding songs, rings, and anniversaries

Wanda and Vision come to a startling realization: They don’t have a handful of typical couple things! That’s a quick fix for the duo, as they decide today is their anniversary, their song is “Yakety Yak,” and as for rings? Well, Wanda can whip those up for the two of them. 

Commercial break!

Searching for the most perfect piece of toast? Cutting to commercial, feast your eyes on the latest toaster on the market — shiny, new, and only from Stark.

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'WandaVision' Episode 1


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