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Published January 15, 2022

'WandaVision': Go Behind-the-Scenes with Industrial Light & Magic's Visual Effects

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WandaVision! If that’s a tune you haven’t heard in a while, time to boot up the old TV. Industrial Light & Magic is taking viewers behind-the-scenes of Marvel Studio's WandaVision Episode 8, “Previously On,” when Wanda Maximoff returns to the house she and Vision were supposed to grow old in together. Wondering how Wanda’s chaos magic first came to life — and how she even took control over Westview in the first place? 

And — if you’re looking to cry a little bit today over Wanda and Vision — see how ILM bright their somber goodbye to life in Episode 9, “The Series Finale,” in addition to building parts of Vision from the ground up. 

Dive into the special effects above, and all 9 Episodes of Marvel Studios’ WandaVision are streaming on Disney+!

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