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Published January 12, 2021

WandaVision Primer: Where We Last Left Off with Wanda Maximoff

Get caught up with Sokovian native!

Wanda Maximoff

Before we dive into events of Marvel Studios’ WandaVision, and learn how the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s darling newlyweds ended up in Westview, let’s take a trip down memory lane and reflect on Wanda Maximoff’s path within her corner of the MCU.

True to her convictions, Wanda has fought both against and with the Avengers, as she learned to hone her abilities and do what she believes is right to help the world. Wanda found herself fighting alongside HYDRA, where she gained her powers, after harboring pain and resentment in what she deemed as Tony Stark’s role in her parents’ death as a young age. Wanda and her twin brother Pietro were the sole survivors of an explosion, caused by a Stark missile, in their Sokovian apartment building.

Wanda and Pietro Maximoff

Initially driven to Ultron, who shared a mutual disdain for Stark, Wanda and Pietro swapped sides after discovering the true nefarious nature of Ultron’s plans, and his manipulation of the twins. However, grief and rage continue to haunt Wanda as Pietro was killed battling Ultron. Wanda took her revenge on the mechanical monster by tearing his robotic heart from his body. This time, she would not have to grieve alone as she is taken in by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. On her path to becoming an Avenger, Wanda finds inspiration from Clint Barton who sees potential in her and becomes a mentor to her. Wanda joined new recruits Vision, Falcon, and War Machine in upstate New York at the new Avengers Headquarters.

As time went on, Wanda and Vision grew closer, developing an unlikely, but powerful, romance between the two. During a mission in Lagos, in an effort to save Captain America from dying at the hands of Crossbones, Wanda inadvertently caused the deaths of innocent civilians. Unfortunately, this incident led to the government to enact the Sokovia Accords, which would put the Avengers under the oversight of the United Nations. However, this proposal caused a strain with the couple, and ultimately, the greater Avengers team, when Iron Man and his supporters agreed to the terms and signing, while Captain America and his side refusing. Troubled by the inability to make amends while confined in Stark’s Avengers Compound, Wanda chose Cap’s side while Vision sided with Iron Man.

Wanda Maximoff

With the rift culminating in a battle between the two sides in Germany, Wanda proved herself a hugely effective component for Cap’s rogue team as they battled Iron Man and those who stood with him, notably not holding back while others did against their friends. While injured during the fight, Vision notably rushed to her aid at the detriment of his own teammates. Wanda, along with her teammates, were caught and locked up in the Raft underwater prison, but eventually freed by Cap who broke them out.

Now a wanted fugitive, Wanda would sneak off while on the lam to spend time with Vision, who was still working alongside Stark, to strengthen their romantic relationship. During a rendezvous in Scotland, the couple debated staying together on the run and abandoning their lives behind. However, the conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Thanos’ forces who sought to retrieve Vision’s Mind Stone for their leader.

Wanda and Vision

With Thanos’ imminent possession of all the Infinity Stones nearing, Vision suggested Wanda use her powers to destroy his Stone to keep it from Thanos, at the cost of his own life. Both Wanda and Cap rejected the idea, however, during the battle in Wakanda, she was forced to destroy Vision’s Mind Stone to keep it from Thanos, while using her powers to simultaneously hold the enemy off. However, Wanda was not able to stop Thanos from using the Time Stone to instantly bring Vision back to life to instantly tear the Mind Stone from his head leaving him a lifeless husk in front of her. While grieving over the loss of her loved one, Wanda slowly disintegrated when Thanos, in possession of all the Stones, snapped the Infinity Gauntlet, destroying half of all life in the Universe.

Wanda Maximoff

Five years later, the Avengers were able to reverse Thanos’ snap and decimation of human life, with an extra level of rage surging within her, Wanda joined the heroes on the battlefield and unleashed her fury on the Titan. At the cost of his own life, Tony Stark was able to remove Thanos and his minions from the board. Despite the return of those lost in the Blip, the Avengers were unable to undo Vision’s death prior to the catastrophic event.

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