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Published January 13, 2021

WandaVision Primer: Where We Last Left Off with Vision

Here’s what the synthezoid has been up to!


Wondering what Vision is up to in Westview? Before diving into the events of Marvel Studios’ WandaVision let’s take a look back at the synthesized being’s path to the suburbs, including the fact that he’s, well, uh, currently dead.

Vision’s long been assisting Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, starting off as simply Tony Stark’s A.I., one he named JARVIS. After Ultron stole Dr. Helen Cho’s regeneration Cradle and created a body — using some Vibranium and the Mind Stone — Stark and Bruce Banner decided to use it for good. The science duo placed JARVIS’ operating system into the form, and with the added help of Thor’s mystic lightning, Vision came to be, ready to help the Avengers in real life.

He first assisted the group as the one to actually finish off Ultron, using the Mind Stone in his forehead to overpower the machine and destroy him once and for all. With a new iteration of the Avengers forming, Vision earned a spot on the lineup, moving into the Avengers Compound (and also paying no mind to doors in the building).

It’s there that he formed a friendship, which over time grew romantic, with Wanda Maximoff, another new member of the Avengers team. However, the Sokovia Accords would divide the duo — and the greater Avengers team overall — with Vision siding for them, and Wanda against (it also probably didn’t help that Wanda caused mass destruction, by accident, in Largos leaving her confined to the compound for the time being).

After Wanda left the Avengers Compound, Vision traveled to Berlin alongside Iron Man, War Machine, Black Panther, Black Widow and Spider-Man to subdue Captain America, Bucky, Falcon, Ant-Man, and Hawkeye. During the ensuing battle, while trying to stop Falcon from getting away, Vision accidentally used the Mind Stone’s powers on War Machine, causing his metal suit to completely shut down and crash land. Rhodes survived, but lost the full use of his legs, which has since weighed heavily on Vision.

Following this battle, Vision and Wanda decided to live life on the lam, while they focused on their budding relationship — with a promise to check in with Captain America and his team from time to time, for safety reasons. However, after arriving in Scotland the two missed a check in and Vision proposed another idea to Wanda: What if they stayed like this forever, never returning back to a Super Hero life? 

This conversation was cut short as the two were then attacked by Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive who were trying to obtain the Mind Stone for Thanos from Vision’s forehead. Thankfully, Captain America, Black Widow, and Falcon were able to fend off the attack, and brought the couple back to the Avengers Compound as the team formed a plan to try and defeat Thanos. Realizing that the Mind Stone was even too powerful for Banner to handle, the team headed to Wakanda where Vision would be tended to by Shuri, who had the technology and resources needed to help.

The plan was for Shuri to remove the stone, and then the second it was out of Vision’s forehead, Wanda would destroy it… and needless to say, things did not go according to plan. Thanos attacked and in the chaos Shuri had to stop her procedure, as both Vision and Wanda went down to the Wakandan battlefield to fight. Seeing no other option, Vision begged for Wanda to destroy the stone, still in his head, so Thanos couldn’t use it. Through tears, Wanda agreed and destroyed the stone, along with Vision.

But Thanos, possessing the Time Stone, simply reversed the sacrifice bringing Vision back so he could pull the Mind Stone out of his head. Vision was then killed, for the second time during battle, as Thanos had finally obtained all the Infinity Stones for his Gauntlet. With a snap of his fingers, he destroyed half of all life in the universe, causing Wanda to slowly disintegrate while still mourning over Vision’s lifeless body.

Though the Avengers were able to reverse Thanos’ snap, Vision’s death was not undone as he died prior to this catastrophic event.

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