T (Lady Killers)


The mercenary known as “T” is a fierce combatant with a protective disposition that only extends to her assassin-in-arms, A.



A part of the mercenary duo, the Lady Killers, the woman known only as “T” is a hired assassin with fierce, and somewhat vicious tendencies, but gets the job done with finesse alongside her partner Clair Moor, AKA A.



Only referred to as T, the assassin is hired for her skills with handheld weapons and kick butt attitude. She is partner to fellow mercenary A and together they are the Lady Killers. They work on jobs and fight anyone who lays a hand on either of them.


Hand-to-Hand Combatant

T is an effective combatant capable of using a whip and handguns. She typically uses her fists when no other weapons are handy as well as her skills in what may be considered Kick Boxing.


Feral Foe

T goes up against James Howlett/Logan, AKA Wolverine, at her employer’s, Mister X, request. With the help of her partner A and Mister X’s bodyguard Blok, she survives the encounter but breaks an arm.


Assassin Associates

T allies with her partner A and they form the Lady Killers, a mercenary duo for hire. T is quite protective of A.

Their employer is Mister X whose bodyguard Blok, a mute, assists them on their missions.


Rap Sheet

When T and her partner A try to get into a club, the bouncer oversteps his bounds leading T to defend A. T beats the bouncer into the ground with her fists but gets pulled away by A who just got a job for them from their employer Mister X. The pair head to Mister X’s test subject: the X-Man Wolverine. Once there, Mister X’s bodyguard, the mute Blok, assisted them in engaging Wolverine in hand-to-hand combat to test Wolverine’s battle capabilities.

During the battle, A is knocked out by Blok accidentally and upset over the temporary loss of her partner, T rages out on Wolverine but breaks her arm in the process.

Though T, A and Blok were defeated, T encountered Wolverine later at their boss’s warehouse where they watched Mister X battle the feral X-Man and subsequently defeat him.



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