A dutiful son and dedicated Muslim, Aamir Khan dedicates his life to family and his faith. He’s close with his sister Kamala, AKA Ms. Marvel.


Early Days

Pakistani-American Aamir Khan grew up with parents Muneeba and Yusuf in Jersey City, New Jersey, attending the Islamic Masjid and being a supportive older brother to his sister, Kamala. In his teenage years, Aamir attended Coles Academic High School and worked at Hot Topic. According to his family, Aamir went through a goth phase, but mostly he just wore a lot of black. He grew up, and out of that phase, to attend graduate school and met Tyesha. Sharing a romance, they became engaged to be married.


Led by Faith

Aamir is a faithful Muslim, and wears traditional clothing everyday in the street. He is kind, generous, and humorous. He speaks both English and Arabic.


Damaging Foes

When The Department of Damage Control (D.O.D.C.) attacked his sister and her friends, Aamir was quick to help protect them.


Family Ties

Aamir is close with his parents, Yusuf and Muneeba, and his sister Kamala. He turns to his father when he’s stressed, and helps his sister out when he sees that their parents lack faith in her decision-making skills. His mother Muneeba is pivotal in planning his wedding to Tyesha Hillman.


The Traditional Path

When Aamir overheard his parents’ hesitancy over his sister Kamala attending AvengersCon, he brought her chai and told her that he thought she was bold for asking them. He offered to talk to them on her behalf because she looked pathetic.

While Aamir and Tyesha were out and about, they ran into Kamala and her new friend Kamran, whom Kamala claimed was one of their cousins. Aamir didn’t recognize him though and was curious about his British accent.

At dinner that night with his family and fiance, Tyesha asked about Yusuf’s family. Yusuf shared how his family lived in Karachi, Pakistan for many generations but his wife Muneeba’s family had only moved there after Partition in 1947, when the British left India and India divided into two, India and Pakistan. He explained that her mother, Sana, was a toddler when it happened and she got separated from her father at the train station, but that a trail of stars led her back to him. The pair then caught the last train leaving the city. Tyesha asked about Sana’s mother, Aisha, and Yusuf mentioned how she disappeared like many others at that time. Suddenly, Kamala passed out. Worried, the whole family hovered over her as she came to, while Aamir sang a prayer for her.

Aamir and Tyesha attended the Eid festival and at the end of the night witnessed a young boy desperately clinging to dear life from the mosque’s minaret, having tumbled while taking a selfie. Aamir and his family watched as the young Super Hero dubbed “Night Light” saved him.

Before his wedding, Aamir paced back and forth. His father joined him and Aamir revealed that he didn’t have a lot of money in his bank account, but his father reassured him that he’d find his way after graduate school. He also offered him sound advice about choosing love over fear.

At the wedding ceremony, Sheikh Abdullah married Aamir and Tyesha and afterward, they watched their family and friends perform a beautiful and elaborate dance for them. Aamir joined, shocking Tyesha, who eventually joined in as well. While dancing continued, suddenly the fire alarm went off and everyone was evacuated, but his sister was nowhere to be found. Rumors spread that she pulled the alarm.

Later that night at his parents house, Kamala returned and their parents pressed her for answers, but she had none. Kamala and Muneeba traveled to Karachi to visit Aamir’s grandmother Sana and upon returning, Kamala apologized to her family for pulling the alarm, and revealed to Aamir and the family that she was the hero “Night Light.” Aamir feigned ignorance, but soon admitted it and blamed the Khan gossip train, that he and Tyesha overheard Muneeba telling Yusuf on speakerphone. Both Aamir and Tyesha asked Kamala questions about her powers, with Aamir making jokes, but they were soon interrupted by a call for Aamir from Kamala’s best friend Nakia Bahadir. Nakia informed them that the Circle Q exploded, where Kamala’s other best friend Bruno Carrelli worked, and that Bruno was missing. Kamala rushed to find her friend, but Muneeba tracked her phone to her high school and sent Aamir after her.

Aamir arrived at the school to find Kamala and her friends forming a plan against Damage Control, the group responsible for the attack on Circle Q. They also sought to capture Kamala and her “cousin” Kamran, who exhibited similar powers to hers. Aamir joined her and her friends in protecting Kamran, whose powers were out of control. Aamir and the others all donned the same school outfit, posing as Kamran, to help him escape, and it worked eventually. Both Kamran and Kamala got away, in part thanks to Aamir’s assistance and help from the community as well.

Later that night, Aamir told his wife and mother the story of how he fought Damage Control.