Pakistani-American Aamir Khan is the protective older brother to his sister Kamala, who secretly leads a double-life as the Super Hero Ms. Marvel.


First Born

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Aamir Khan is the son of Yusuf and Muneeba Khan. He moves with his parents to Jersey City, New Jersey, in the United States. After they move, his sister Kamala was born and they grow up together, with Aamir often acting as the protective older brother.


Psychic Force Fields

After Aamir is exposed to a chemical like Terrigen Mist, he can project psionic force fields around his body. He can project them as shock waves, sometimes controlled but often uncontrolled, such as when he sneezes, suggesting his power is an allergy to the chemical. It remains to be seen whether the effects of the chemical are temporary or permanent.



Kamran, a friend of the Khan family, moves back to Jersey City and gets friendly with Aamir’s sister Kamala. Aamir acts protective of his sister and doesn’t trust Kamran’s intentions. Later, Kamran kidnaps Aamir and exposes him to what seems to be Terrigen Mist in an attempt to use Aamir to impress his leader Lineage, who was building his ranks of Inhumans


Family Ties

Aamir is close to his family and cares about them deeply. While he remains a protective older brother to his sister Kamala, he acts like he knows better than her and makes assumptions about what she does and does not understand about the world, partly due to the fact he does not know about her alter-ego Ms. Marvel and the responsibility she takes on to protect Jersey City.


Aamir’s Account

Aamir Khan loses his job and afterward spends time praying, something his parents Yusuf and Muneeba support but also feel that he could spend more time seeking employment.

When family friends Kamran and his parents visited the Khans, Aamir was shocked to see that his sister Kamala was interested in him. After Kamala volunteered Aamir to supervise them while they went to a video store together, Aamir did his duty to watch over her. He came between them when it looked like they were going to hold hands. When Kamran requested to speak to Kamala alone, Aamir permitted it but then intervened when he thought it went too long and inappropriate.

When the world was ending, Kamran, an Inhuman, used his biokinetic powers to knock out and kidnap Aamir. Aamir woke up to find himself amidst a cloud of mist as Kamran, Ms. Marvel, and Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, stood over him. While Aamir was unconscious, Kamran intended to expose him to Terrigen Mist and bring out his potential latent Inhuman genes, like his sister Kamala, in hopes of impressing his leader Lineage who sought Inhumans for his nefarious endeavor to rid the world of non-Inhumans. However, Aamir did not end up in a cocoon, a typical occurrence of those exposed to the mist with Inhuman genes; despite this, he still ended up possessing powers, including the ability to emit psychic force fields. Kamran welcomed him to the Inhuman family, but Aamir was offended and adamant that he already had a family, and demanded him to stay away from his sister. Kamran fought Aamir, but was overpowered, collapsing from the energy he expended. Captain Marvel surmised that his ability was an allergic reaction to whatever it is that Kamran exposed him to, and that it was not in fact Terrigen Mist since his reaction wasn’t the same as typical Inhumans. 

Later, when Aamir was being tended to, Kamala checked on him and asked if he was okay. Kamala told him he may have to put up with his powers for a while until they go away on their own. Blaming Kamran, Aamir admitted he wasn’t thrilled about these new powers and stated how he doesn’t aspire to sci-fi scenarios; his life consisted of going to the mosque, volunteering, and reading books. Ultimately, he was happy the way he is—without powers. She warned him that he could put people in danger since he didn’t know how to control his newfound powers. He stated he’d learn how to control it, but for the time being, asked to be left alone as she couldn’t possibly understand what he was going through—to which Kamala stormed off, which Aamir either didn’t notice or didn’t care since he still had no idea she was a Super Hero herself.

After the Multiverse ended and was subsequently restored, Aamir started a relationship with a woman named Tyesha Hillman, and this time, Kamala had to chaperone. They eventually get married in an elaborate ceremony. Tyesha moved in with Aamir and his family, quickly forming a bond with Kamala.

Once when Aamir answered the phone, it was Kamala’s close friend Bruno Carrelli on the line. Bruno told him he was going to get Josh Richardson, but Aamir had no idea what that meant but passed along the message anyway. What it meant was that Bruno was going to break out their friend Josh who was being held by the Carol Danvers’ Cadets—a group Kamala as Ms. Marvel was part of—with Kamala rushing off without Aamir the wiser.

When Kareem, AKA Red Dagger, arrived in Jersey City and gained notoriety and acceptance from the media and the city’s citizens, Kamala quit as Ms. Marvel. She disappeared, and no one, except Aamir, knew her location.

Many months later, Aamir and Tyesha had a boy that they named Malik.



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